Thursday, April 02, 2009

The very late Dragonball Evolution Movie Premiere Post

This was like a month or two ago. Andrew kindly gave me a ticket to watch Dragonball Evolution. Ren drove the both of us there, we thought we'd reach really late but thank God for the security hold up. Everyone had to surrender their cellphones because the movie wasn't released yet and they didn't wanna take a chance at trusting us in case we make pirated videos.

GAWD I KNOW IT'S LATE but I'm still gonna write my opinions about it. It's not worth watching and Dragonball Z fanatics were very disappointed. I was never impressed with the anime so it's wasn't a blow to me. I'd rather watch Wall-E for the second time than Dragonball Evolution.

Ahem, so 2/5 for them. What made us giggle was the name of a character 'Yamcha'. Everyone knows it means 'drink tea' in Cantonese. As usual the main character is a Caucasian but the supporting sctress was Chinese. The market really is opening up to the Asians now, huh? *eyes gleaming with hope*

After the movie I saw Hikamaru and Kate waiting in line to retrieve their cellphones. When they saw me they were shocked, "What happened to you?!" What's the big deal o.o Oh, it was my first time tying up my hair with my fringe combed behind.

"*awkward* Uh, you see.. I'm sorta in this... transition stage. I'm a very confused teen-"

"Yeah right..." Hikamaru interrupted in disbelief. =.=

Well do I have to start cutting my wrist to make it more apparent!?

Kate, Siau Wen, Zoe.

Zoeyve, suemeifyoucan, wetwetwater. The newly coupled Suling and Kelvin! *claps*

The two bullies behind us, Suling also slapped my butt. Tosh!
Thank you Andrew! (:

Joshie was there. KY and Horry. HE WAS BEING SO MEAN, Kar Yeong was saying that I look like those people who walk the streets during the Ghost Festival because my make-up was too pale. Well I'll know who to come back for when I die (choy). I am such a targeted victim by these two.

Rachel Haw<3 and Ginny who still looked very pretty without make-up.

Went to Murni to eat after that and I got to sit beside two celebrities, Isaac was a guest brought by Siau Wen, Christopher gave Wen his first Lurve. Perhaps a soon-to-be item?

*watches rumor spread*

At least the suspicion of your sexuality will be cleared. =D?


shadowking said...

going to a dragonball movie with so many people
rather not seen often here :D
thats asia for you
but it sounds awesome to watch a movie before it comes really to the cinema :) (well watch it in cinema before it comes to cinema *huh now i am confused*)
really sounds like fun however i probably wont watch the movie ;)

Shawn lee said... Relink me thx

Sue Me said...

newly coupled? Almost half a year d lo..hehehehe..and I didn't slap your BUTT. HAHAHAHHA

Missyve said...

shadowking - yeah, shouldn't.

Shawn lee- you just love doing this huh :/


Sue Me said...

Hahahaha..I hugged u ok? That also molest? Zoe doesn't love me anymore *runs to a corner and cries*

§pinzer said...

zoe also doesn't love me anymore

*goes off to a corner to cry*

ps- i think this will worsen the speculation of my sexuality :P