Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tweeny obsession

Oh it's past 5 and I'm still awake, that's because I was reading an article.
It's about the age group of females getting younger that are using cosmetics. Toddlers applying blusher and lipstick, teenagers going for plastic surgery and tweens buying slimming creams.

Whoa, that's whack. Except for the plastic surgery part because I want a rhinoplasty! :D Hm, this sorta woke me up. They surveyed and the average age for girls that started using make-up was 13. Agreed, that was when I started. It didn't change how I look actually, I had naturally fair and blemish-free skin that time.

What influenced me was probably my friends. It all started when two secondary 3 girls wanted to do a makeover for my friends and I in our first year in high school. It felt nice, it was like an elder sister making us feel pretty and all. We went to a shopping center later so it wasn't really for fun.

I became very intrigued with cosmetics a year after. Especially eyeshadow, I saw all those pretty colors on T.V and in advertisements. I wanted to see if I would look as gorgeous as they were. I was still a amatuer in make-up then, barely knew a few tips from cosmetic brochures such as Silky Girl, Revlon, and Maybelline.

I got into make-up class last year and that helped me knowledge a lot. I didn't understand why so many people wore make-up, I thought they just wanted to wear it but they were naturally pretty. I was wrong, I was horrified to see their faces sans make-up. I never knew it'd be that bad without foundation.

Girls nowadays wear cosmetics to feel pretty. They want attention. From boys. IT'S A COMPETITION YOU SEE. Who's the most desired? Who gets the most Valentine's day requests? Who bags the richer man. That's because men only notice the beautiful. I can't entirely blame them for this state we're in.

This obsession about being beautiful and our pursuit for bodily perfection. We definitely do not want to date an eye-sore. Blame God for not blessing you with a nicely angled face, hate your mother for not having double eyelids, curse your dad for his jagged teeth but we come to a point where we have to accept ourselves.

Braces, plastic surgery and make-up isn't an option for some people. Age is inevitable. Vain people are a result of a superficial mind, chivalry only given to the good-looking. Fat kids being laughed at.

Ahhhh. That is one reason I'm so mad at my church. Why are they asking the girls to wear make-up? WHY?! They're making us feel low and hideous. That we're not welcomed to attend a church service without looking our best.

Heard a joke on Astro: Why do women wear make-up and perfume?
Answer: Because they are ugly and smelly.

HAHA, I thought that was a good one. Hell it was funny. Aiya, who cares. I think I'm just hyperactive... it's almost 6A.M. *hopes people won't this read lengthy wordy entries*


Corynn said...

I think I'm the only one who reads your late "night" posts. Also, I'm probably the only girl you know that has never used makeup!

shadowking said...

of course i will read your entries
well not when you post them up, but later
of course
I actually am pretty glad that i am a guy and dont have to worry about stuff like make up
and i am glad that i am slim just like that
and i have to do nothing for it :)

Missyve said...

Corynn - Don't until your 18! You won't regret it ;D But you look beautiful without it. <3

shadowking- aha, that's freaky. It's not abt that, it's what girls feel they have to do to feel beautiful and wanted.