Friday, April 17, 2009

Sea ya don't wanna bee ya

My title may not make sense but it's based on this one insignificant picture here. I'm continuing from the eLawyer Conferencing. This was after the early morning formal meeting and before the late night fun blogger gathering.

As I've mentioned before, I went to catch Marley and Me with Stellix, Siau Wen, Lih Ren and Shawn. Christopher dropped me off at Sunway Pyramid and I met up with Ren who brought me to his gang :S Stellix met up with Stan in Johor and passed him some stuff from Germany.

German beer-Bitburger. Woo, premium pits. Cool phrase.

To drink with it a nationalistic fanciful Germanic cup.

I was exhausted having no sleep at all the previous night. Evil but predictable them took candid shots.

We bought the tickets and had an hour and a half to go. It was 2:15P.M. Wen saw some black Hello Kitty balloons and wanted on badly but the M.A.C staff said they would only be giving it out at 3, unless we bought their products. So here we went exploring the mall and they were having an exhibition of fishes.

Many Nemos, few Dorothys. Slack, stall, talk, walk... yay it's 3P.M. To our surprise, it was a long longggg queue. I walked away but Wen stayed behind and I was like, "You wanna wait for the balloon?!" Oh yeah, she's a fan of Hello Kitty.

Since there was spare time, we ended up wasting 20 minutes for that damn balloon. =/ I thought it was a waste of time, if it wasn't for Siau Wen, I wouldn't have gotten that balloon. Just like the other time I saw this "fascinating" pasar malam (night market) performance of an old uncle breaking a coconut with his elbows.

40 minutes of my life vanished JUST LIKE THAT. My friend was so intrigued while I just stood amazed by the crowd's interest in this act. Yeah, 40 minutes to see a coconut broken by an elbow PLUS waiting time for the repeat when I couldn't take it anymore he was nice to have accompanied me away.

Yay hydrogen/helium-filled black Hello Kitty bablloon!

Stellix, you're great at ruining pictars.

I'm Mary Poppins, donchu pop my kitties!

Fly, fly, flyyyy.

Marley and Me is partly inspiration, mostly boring and predictable. I give it a 2.5/5 and it is not worth buying (in the cinemas) unless you like to see Jennifer Aniston strip and jump into a swimming pool. Yeah, I don't like much of it but the dying dog touched my soul and almost made me teared but Wen cried a wee bit.

The End.

14th March, 2008.


Angel said...


Thanks for the comment. I guess that fella is a pervert. =P

Btw, you seemed like you had loads of fun at the blogger gathering! And I like your blog. Hope you won't mind if I link yours to mine. ;D

Tzy Wen said...

aww... im glad you enjoyed the 40 minutes pasar malam show :P said...

looks like you had fun!
and that place looks nice! =)

Missyve said...

Angel- Oh, absolutely not! :) But I'm sorry, I only link friends who I really know.. thank you anyways.

Tzy Wen- *hates* -.-

kenwooi- not really. :l