Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Plurk or Twitter?

There has been this whole craze thing about Twitter and a lot of public figures are using it - even Oprah Winfrey! I don't really get it though, it's not exactly being used the way it's supposed to be. It's a micro-blog right? Quick updates on what's happening at that very moment or simply telling your followers how you're feeling/doing.

Now, they post links leading to their blog, complain about EVERYTHING and you're informed of every meticulous detail. You waste minutes of your life each day just reading them, ZOMG.

I wasn't interested in any of them. I joined Facebook and Plurk because of peer pressure. Everyone had a Facebook account and 4 Plurkers were telling me to join Plurk and for the heck of it, I did.

[After 2 months of persuasion.]

Surprisingly I got a few fans, don't know where they came from. I'm not a fan of anyone on Plurk since I'm not that crazy about it either (considering I'm a self-centered person who doesn't really bother about other people). I would say it's much better than Twitter because there are emoticons to it and they cleverly devised this 'Karma' points to make us plurk everyday.

I've just reached Nirvana this week, see!

Twitter on the other hand, is much more simple and convenient. Just SMS and dozens of people will receive your updates. Facebook statuses are the same just that only your friends can see them and it isn't that colorful. It wasn't meant to be a whole new thing on it's own anyways.

So yeah, I'm just saying I DON'T CONFORM TO FADS! I haven't watched Twilight, didn't read that vampire book never completed a chapter of Harry Potter or like Hannah Montana. I don't drink/smoke because I think it's cool nor eat chicken/beef when people tell me too. I AM NOT WEAK AND WILL NEVER FOLLOW FASHION TRENDS! :x

Right. Well, almost 5A.M. I gotta go to the homeschooling center to order some buku-buku and then go for cell group meeting, we're multiplying tonight! Go home, wash Zohan's cage which has been stinky for one month (=/), finish reading Chronicles of Narnia and pack my clothes for the continuation of my temporary escape from hell.

Good night and good day to you.


Corynn said...

I have twitter. I don't really use it because no one I know is on it.

Halobenzene said...

Amen to that! I have never touched a single Potter or Twilight book either.

When the Twilight movie came out I avoided it cos the dude looked too much like a dehydrated drug addict in the movie posters.

And yet fangirls say he's hot.

Goddamn, makes me wanna take drugs just to get the dehydrated druggie look. But, that will be just incredibly dumb.

Take drugs for the right reasons, people!

Missyve said...

Corynn- You're using the lolcat language? LOL, oh cool, why don't you join Plurk with me? :)

Halobenzene- AMENN!! I KNOW, my golly, my friend said all the girl gasped int he theatres when he came out. Didn't find him hot at all. LOL.