Monday, April 20, 2009

Out of place, out of face.

I've been staying in my sister's (sisterly friend) of mine for over a week now. Things haven't improved because of the sucky laws in Malaysia. Don't be patriotic and start flaming me in defense of your beloved country, we all know this nation could do a little improving.

So, there's bound to be friction when people are staying under one roof. I don't think I've been causing any problems, I just need a place to shelter myself so I can live in peace. Rather than come under attack from an alcoholic smoker who criticizes me every night or every moment he can get. I refrain from contact with the other family members unless necessary.

I don't mess up the house, I don't invite people in, I don't tiff with brothers or speak rudely to any of them. These of course are needless to say but I just can't believe one little... devil is trying to get to me. Making my stay a very hard one.

Making me feel like this. A totally uninvited ghost.

(I cropped out their eyes in respect of their privacy AND their nose because it's easily identified. They ALL have cloned noses!)

Yeah so, just to tell you. What you are doing is working. You make me feel horrible when I'm not trying to get in your way or step on your toes. I don't need your sympathy by crying in front of your face. That's just such a pathetic and weak way to get support. If you wanna make my life hell, I hope you go there when you die.

The people I really appreciate in the house are the girls. The mother, the sister and the maid. 3 lovely generous women. The mother is really understanding, helpful and caring. I don't mind her restricting my freedom as long as she doesn't deal unfairly. You see, I'm not a rebellious, wild child. I listen if I deem it reasonable.

My mother has been setting rules, breaking it and taking it back ALL MY LIFE. When she loses in an argument she just pulls out the no-reason-is-necessary excuse and makes me look wrong. O com'on, look how middle-aged people are these days. Getting dumber by the day. I play it fair and if you stood by the rules you'd have won my respect.

The maid has been reeeally great. Though she might have mood swings and get a little harsh when reprimanding me, she still cooked veggies for me for dinner when she didn't cook for anyone else! Isn't that sweet?! Talking to the mother this morning put me at rest, she knows that I can't be in a home where it could break me.

Gotta admit I'm pretty sad about my restricted freedom. O WELL, as long as it gets me somewhere better. Thank you, to the X family.

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