Friday, April 03, 2009

The One Academy Visit

On 12th March, I went to check out The One Academy. An art college which concentrates on graphic designing. They say TOA for short, though it sounds a little weird to me.

After taking a tour around the school, what I witnessed was horrifying not educational.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go To College.

Bad influences. This is clearly an inappropriate public display of attraction.

Which leads to... 2nd base and most likely fornication. Then again, don't guys go to college for this purpose?

Violence. Students release their exam stress by vandalizing and damaging school property. Tsk tsk tsk.

Yes, young adults are very strong and angry people.

You wouldn't want your kid to go astray by going to college, would you? SO DON'T SEND THEM TO COLLEGE. These are 3 very solid reasons.

We were actually in the library. Ruz and... Mika? I forgot the girl's name but anyways they were both bored and started faking a very affectionate french kissing. It was also Ruz's birthday that day so, happy birthday!

Both of them gave me a short tour around The One Academy and it was so cool to see the lecture rooms. They have humongous screens for presentations.

Do I want to go to college? Er... SURE.


shadowking said...

wow sounds totally fun :D
haha people getting agressive you have that in school too ;)

just like last time when that guy lost 300€ in illegal gambling...
just good for him that he used the money of his friend instead of his own...ehhh...
upps i think i just said too much

Corynn said...

What do you plan to study?

Missyve said...

shadowking - wow, that'a mean! He better return the money then, ahaha.

Corynn - Mass Communication! :D You?

Tzy Shih said...

u call that a kiss?

Missyve said...

I bet you'd do better.

Tzy Shih said...

yeah, i bet ill look more convincing kissing ur friend than u! =)

ΤИЗ µňχρεçŦЗĐ PyroFr!k said...

wat the?! u blogged it?! lol spread the rumour of TOA around =p