Sunday, April 05, 2009

Nuffnang's Music Bash : We're All Celebrity Musicion

Joanna and I stayed over Lih Ren's place the night before Saturday. Plan kinda screwed up, was supposed to go exercise with my churchmates in the morning but because of a certain incident that happened in my house no wait, in that man's house I had to give it a pass.

I slept at 7A.M after consuming a whole lot of snack food, ate rice dumplings for breakfast and showered then had a 3-hour nap from 12:45-2:20P.M. Got up and quickly rubbed on some cosmetics, helped Joanna a little bit with her eyeshadow in the car, picked Suling up and off we go to Maison.

He is no stranger but the emcee of almost every Nuffnang event - Liang! Can you believe he's 29 this year?!

Before walking over we sat for 10 minutes in the car observing who was entering the club and Joanna was fixing my hair 'cus it wouldn't stay in a bun. My hair sucked big time.

PPC's friend, Griza, Joanna, Zoe, Suling. I absolutely love Joanna's pose here, so cute.

While waiting at the entrance, a man/woman greeted me and asked if I knew her. "I'm Kimberly!" the lady in the yellow plastic helmet with the acronym 'YMCA' written over it said. "Cun!??" Ahaha, yes, it was Kimberly Cun with a moustache drawn over her face. *Screams 'adorable'*

Nicholas Chay was lookin' like a pimp, everthing was perfect but it would of been so cool if he bejeweled his glasses.

Robb Chew was very busy taking care of stuff, a very serious and responsible organizer I see. Jane Soo arrived shortly later in a stunning red dress. :)

Yee Tee, Ginny, mee, Germaine, Li Ling. The only person I know there is Ginny. The first thing I ever said to her on a personal level was, "You're hot. :D" *drives away* It was after the Halloween party and she was standing by the curb waiting for her boyfriend.

Aren't they all such hotties?! (Moi excluded.)

Got our wrist tag and our freebies. Freezing cold, empty, awkward. Thank God for the mirror on the wall, we braced ourselves for a moment and here we are vain people.

I was LMAO when I saw a few enthusiasts groovily dressed up, the DGMB formed a band named The Hollogram and boy were they hippie. Nigel at the back with his white diagonally-striped shades. Joshua was being cool with his red afro wig and touche sunglasses.

Andrew ah, rock and roll baby. He's a...n anime singer. I find their costumes, wig and make-up WICKED!

Liang is such a funny guy, a good emcee as well. Although some of the things he said were a bit... M18. Blah, no matters. He's a single lady.

Suresh was there, I presume as Michael Jackson?

They were showing video clips and pictures of the bloggers who were competing for the best pre-party post. AHAH, Suling's was the first to appear and her video was sooo funny. Don't be embarrassed hunny, it was a good try. I thought the rappin' was good but the singing was generally bad. All of them... *probably the mic quality*.

Cindy who was hitting everyone everytime was the hot, hot Britney! Obviously from her first MTV "Hit Me Baby One More Time", very cute and creative and I believe the second runner-up for The Best Dressed.

Photographer: Serge A.K.A Free Hugs guy.

Suling said I looked like Paris with my shades on so Cindy and I were like besties for the night. Ah, sorta. Wasn't there this thing going on with Britney, Paris and Lindsay? Hmm, something 'bout that.

Carmen and Vivien being the Olsen Sisters. Carmen is Mary-kate and Viven is Ashley. They're all so creative T.T

Queen Jamie wearing her mother's faux fur shoulder top. So PETA, don't hammer her for nothing. That girl really knows how to dress up.

It was time for dinner after the judges decided on which blogger to award for the best entry. Timothy said that Robb put a lot of effort into the food and I thought it was delicious. Thank you, Robb! It was weird that I wasn't hungry before eating and when I finished eating it increased my appetite and I went for a second serving.

In front of Joanna and I were the lovebirds Jason Mraz and Katy Perry queuing in line for makanan.
*shows off Malay vocab* I also know minuman.

I would love to shoot you. Bang bang. This was Huai Bin's, he was impersonating Eminem and unfortunately, got the worst dressed. A broom was the mystery prize, how mean.

It was Huai Bin's birthday yesterday, so do remember to wish him. I'm so sorry I didn't call, assumed you were busy partying and just enjoying your date. HB HB! (Stands for Happy Birthday Huai Bin, haa.)

Simon said he's a retired old pop singer.

Finally finally, getting to meet the woman I've been trying to meet up with since Valentine's Day. Celine, heard about her since she was the mysterious mummy in the Halloween party. Why do I kept bringing that party up?

I have no camera so I possesse no pictures of the games. The singing and dancing was awful but amusing. It's the entertainment factor that counts not the quality over here. Congratulations to Julian Hopkins who won a Xbox with microphones included, whoa! Bob Marley with a 'WTF' bubble sign over his head.

The event was officially over but we were allowed to continue chilling in Maison. Saw Kar Yeong, one of the members of Beach Boys, LAWL. Snapped a picture with him, the first picture of us being cool celebrities with shades on. The second, binding our hair up with it which makes it un-typical and even COOLER.

Way to go, buddy!

Joanna is fantastic at ruining gambar-gambar *impressive Malay vocab yet again* with Kimberly's miniature...tool. I would screw all your pictures back, clarisseteagen!

Karipop was there, what a shock. All the way from Sabah :O Missed you babe, uh, nerd. You brought your maths to a party?

Oh look, no 'y' in there. Just 'Zoe', Yve is my middle name. So it's Zoe Yve not Zoey Ve or Zoey V.E. so PUH-LEASE spell my name right and I will return the courtesy.

Anyhoo, thank you Nuffnang, Maxis, the organizers and Ren for this awesome event. I got to be an unknown/self-proclaimed celebrity for a night, yay me.


Serge Norguard said...

Photographer: Serge A.K.A Free Hugs guy.


Celine said...

Zoe! <3 The Supposed to be my Valentine's date! But we only met few months after that. :(

Anyway, I guess people only remember me well as the mummy from Silent Halloween. Like how people will always remember Julian as Bob Marley from Music Bash. Haha... ;)

Missyve said...

Serge - Hahah, you were freaky okay!

Celine - <33 Yeah :[ Hahah, at least he got some of the public's attention and it can help him with his research or what not. Yours is cool!

Better than mine... underaged girl who always sneak into clubs :/

Serge Norguard said...

freakt in a good sense or ??