Thursday, April 09, 2009

Music Bash Powered by Maxis Broadband

More photos and a video continuing from the previous entry. Joanna and I stumbled upon Stephanie and Benjamin. There was a room to make a 30-second MTV, we mustered our courage and went for it.

Stephanie's the vocalist, Joanna's the guitarist while I was the keyboardist. I was holding the electric guitar but it was too heavy for me and there wasn't any sling.

Very embarrassing T.T

I named us '3Gs' because there were three of us girls and Malaysia hasn't reached 4G yet, lulz. A great band name, doncha think? Nothing's wrong with your speakers, Youtube disabled the audio because the song's copyrighted.

Cindy and I are Paris and Britnayy, wuhuu.

Yee Hou didn't dress up, I think Jamie could be Queen Latifah amd Karena... Tyra Banks?

Yeah well, I think the video was fairly entertaining. If only I was more enthusiastic about playing the keyboard it wouldn't have looked so fake. Thank God it ain't high resolution, they used a crappy webcam attached to the laptop.

We loved being celebrities for a night, thank you Maxis!

Visit Nuffnang's blog for the update as well!


Jeffro said...

reply from shoutbox: haha.. really? i just post up what had happened only.. =) otherwise it'll stack up..

Hmm.. is it me.. or this blog undergo some changes.. Hmm oh well, love the orange-black mix.. =D

Sue Me said...


I is speechless on the video...

RawrMyPillows said...

The vid failed so epicly, it was good xD
Gief high rez nao kthx :3
Thanks for teh lulz >.<

Karena said...

hey my neighbour! hahaha i want to go yum cha with u la! :P

coolcoolbird said...


Missyve said...

eh, I didn't reply?

Jeffro- I want a new blogskin now, rofl.

Sue Me- I was awkward and Steph was bravin' on.

RawrMyPillows- Welcome for the lulz. I wish there was audio :[

Karena- Yaaaa, kam bak ley!

Hi coolcoolbird.