Monday, April 20, 2009

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra Concert

Saturday was my excitingly expected day. I was so happy I got one out of the ten pairs of tickets given away to Glitterati Nuffnangers to go for the MPO's concert at KLCC. We had to send an e-mail giving a reason why we should be chosen. Mine went like this:

" I have never heard the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra play before and the only time I got to hear an orchestra play was for this dinner and it lasted for less than an hour. I love music and appreciate all sorts of genres, I really wouldn't want to miss out on this quality performance. It'd be great to see the instrumental talent Malaysia has as well!"

My surprised guest was Fitri A.K.A Flizzardo. An annoying spammer on Lowyat and MDG (and every other popular site). My curiosity got the better of me because I wanted to see how he was like in real life. I asked him to pick me up 7P.M latest as the registration was at 8.

I called him at 7:05, he said it was jammed and would be reaching soon. 15 minutes later, he took the wrong turn and had to drive around. 20 minutes later he was reaching. At 8P.M. he was at Sunway. At 8P.M. I SMS-ed Lih Ren saying...


He had no comments, I didn't either. All I said to Fitri after 8 was that I was gonna kill him. After8 chocolates would of been great at that moment, a slick of mint enveloped by thin chocolates. Just like him, he would be wrapped around in a blood-stained carpet if he reached at 9. [^o^]

He picked me up half an hour later, Yee Hou informed me that the ticket booth closes at 9P.M. and we sped a little and got there at 9:15. By the time the security passed me the tickets the first session was over. Refreshments were laid out and people were walking about. I went to the toilet and saw Griza.

You can see it was a formal event, my first ever symphonic concert! "And you ruined it," I told Flizzardo. Apology is not accepted, you killeded the night. This dress was borrowed from my sister btw, thank you dear!

(Who's that guy behind checking me out? LOL)

Celine, Anne Marie, Yee Hou, Jeffrey, Nicholas and Anis.

Pink Pork Chop was brought by Lih Ren. The lighting was very much of a hindrance to taking good shots. Making shadows on our faces or brightening it too much.

That was the 20-minute break in between the two sessions. Thank you, Nuffnang! I loved the performance. Saw a lot of Caucasians as well, many of them old with white hair. Our seats were pretty neat, L-10 and 11. The composer was Kees Bakels, WHAT A COOL NAME. His attire reminded me of Uncle Andrew in the first book of Chronicles of Narnia.

There was a moment of silence while everyone waited for the composer to be exhibited. After one minute people started whispering, it sure did ruin the moment. That blank, peaceful, thoughtless second polluted with mutters and coughs. Yeah well, it was over at 10:20P.M. and it was time to take group photos!

Tripods, anyone?

The second one was with flash, so uglyyy. Not to mention the... maulester, LOL.

Tian Chad, Jeff, his friend, Fitri, Mon Wei, me and Tzia.

Chilled at Old Town Coffee Shop, on the way I snapped this shot in Fitri's car.

They screwed up the orders and the drinks are too sweet. No-go no-go, kay?

Anne Marie, Celine and (me) with Fitri holding a small basket of small curry puffs.

Yee Hou gave me an insulting compliment. "You look so pretty today, Zoe. Usually..." Asshou, that's YOUR new nick from now on! NOT ONLY, Anne Marie was carrying this LV bag with cherries imprinting all over it. With Hou's amazingly sick mind, he started poking it with his right index finger and said, "Pop! Pop! Aha... geddit?"

If you don't. Good.

What a goofy pair.

Zoe, Fitri, Lih Ren and Griza.

A true vigilant camwhore is ALWAYS aware of her surroundings. Knowing where every camera is hidden and prepared to pose in a millisecond. See? Everyone was caught unsuspected except for moi.

Not only must you know when the button is pressed, you must also dodge certain obstacles.

Celine has learned well and I am PERFECT! Look at that, Christopher with his I-am-such-a-sex-god look, thinking it was only him but I popped right at the side.

Okay, I'm not a camwhore, but THE CamHorror.


Ren said...

He did explained to me why he take the turn wrong :P

陈一豪 said...

Fitri got cockblocked by the wrong turning.

Shame on you man wtf tsk tsk tsk ahahhaha.

I'm sorry girlfriend, I wanted to tease you.

You look great everyday; you looked exceptionally swell that night.

§pinzer said...

My surprised and surprisingly guest <-- the horror!

i stopped reading halfway, i couldn't take the errs and the horrible massacre of our beloved english language!


ok i kid. truly, you are a camwhorrer to be reckoned.

- The sex-god boi

Simon Seow said...

Sigh, my reason is not good enough to get the ticket.

Andrew said...

woooot~ bet the mpo performance was super good without a single doubt!! LOL =D wish i was there with u all..LOL +D but im not free.. haha

millies' said...

Zoe darling! Did you receive my msg? I love you okay? muacks!

§pinzer said...

I stumbled upon this today. for some reason it made me appreciate your presence more :D

thanks :)

Missyve said...

Ren- He's still a moron.

Yee Hou - What does swell mean?! Aw, thanks. You looked... better that night as well!

Sex-god - LOL. I was in a rush to post this up okay! I didn't manage to proofread it.

Simon- Well, you've been to hundreds of other events before! :)

Andrew- What were you busy with?

Missyve said...

millies'- Hey dear <3 yes I did! I was just feeling really helpless so sorry i didn't reply. Thanks a lot and it really helped.


spizner- *checks it out*

millies' said...

:D Meet up soon? you're at KL now ah? :/

Myhorng said...

back meaning checking out your backside?

Missyve said...

millies'- Yes! I think i'll be here for a reeeally long time.

Myhorng- NO! *smacks arm*