Monday, April 27, 2009

Late night webcamhorra.

It's SIX! IT'S SIX! :O

In the MORNING. Mister Jojo asked if I wanted to webcam and I said YESyes. He then drawdraw and I... am gonna type normal now 'cus the Lady Gaga mood has worn off. Just felt like saying FML FML FML but I don't wanna curse my life so I'll be like FYL FYL!

Anyhoo, here are the pikchurs.

I went to bed after 1A.M. and prayed for 10 minutes then my 'other half' was hogging most of the bed and I felt uncomfortable and was thinking about death again. Every night I think about the same thing, that I'm gonna die and might never see the next day but it's much better now. Hardly get panic attacks anymore.

So so so after 2 hours of wasted thinking I got up and used the laptop. To keep my mind off these horrid things. I've been protected by the Lord many times, had chicken pox when I was 7, didn't get SARS/mad cow disease/terminal illnesses. I've never taken my health for granted and have always thanked God for it.

Now I'm scared of the PIG FLOO! No babi no babi. I don't want no sweeney cold. Why is everything becoming a mean of dying?!? I don't wanna DIEE (at least not now).

a y o
v_ u
e _ l

I know that gambar is agli, i iz tired and only know Painte. Itz seven and I'm going to sleepuh.
Gooood morning.


anne marie isabelle said...

hey missy... me added u on my blog XD

stephanie k said...

haha .. mr.jojo is cute :P

anyway .. which red dress? both super cheap frm

layered 1 rm15, straight 1 rm25

cheap cheap cheap!!!

theguynextdoor said...

you conned me. i thought we were taking it together. ._. so i posed. darnnnn. u owe me 2 bibbles. ops ~.~ that was wrong. well . a meal!