Monday, April 27, 2009

Jamie's Birthday Party; Before the cake cutting.

This is Jamie's day, the birthday girl in blue. She asked everyone to wear either pink or white and I totally forgot about it, I almost wore an entire black outfit there till Christopher reminded me. We were supposed to leave earlier to shop for a present but Christopher overslept (show's how important she is to him, LOL) and we ended up going there early to help out as promised to find out no assistance was needed. -.-

William Soo's present to Jamie.

A box full of mini chocolate cakes from Coffee Bean.

Joseph Lee, who by the way just turned 18. I'm going to buy him a bible as his present, w00tza-I mean... hallelujah!

Come, aunty give you oren jus.

Sandra Wong came early at about 6-ish, HUGS! The party was supposed to start at 7. I didn't see her for SO LONG, like one month.

Her condominium is beautifully decorated.

Yee Hou and Anne Marie arrived as a pair, she has so many nice dresses. T.T

Simon got here around 8 and met Shitzoe. Jamie, Simon and Sandra.

Benjamin, Simon and Sandra. Benjamin, Simon and Zoe.

Food was aplenty. I didn't touch the mee, only had a small portion of spaghetti. Ate mostly salad and grapes. There was tom yam rice, jello, meehoon (or beehoon), chicken curry, pineapples, melons and watermelon balls...

whom Tock, William, and Jeffro kept calling meat balls and laughing for no reason. I had nothing to say and just walked away. What was I to doo?!?

Yummy vegetarian salad. Baby lettuce, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes sprinkled with pepper and mixed together in olive oil. Jamie's mother made it, AMAZING! She says she only cooks once a year.

Blue and pink dresses. Jamie's always saying my skin is porcelain but truth is, her complexion is much better and I love her fair skin tone :[

Game time. I believe this game is called "The King and I"? Everyone gets a card, the person who gets the King rules the round and randomly chooses 2 or more cards and commands them to anything he/she wishes.

This was when the adults (Anne Marie, Yee Hou, Simon and Sandra) started to feel old. I didn't want to play knowing what would be the most likely request: Kissing, dancing, singing, (insert whatever embarrasses the victim).

I took another bunch of grapes and camwhored, oh GUESS WHOSE HAND THAT IS. The one who perverts every innocent thought and informs every female teenager the Age of Consent. Ahaaa, I bet j0o know now. Aunty said this was 'chinese tea'.

Sandra is an awesome photographer! Visit her photoblog.

Sandra Wong, Zoe Yve and Jamie Liew!

There's a second part to it, when the cake comes out. Update later!

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Jeffro said...

But u din even try the "meatballs" T_T