Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I'm good.

Hi guys, thank you all so much. The reason why I can still be smiling right now is because of you. The concern and offers were really an eye opener. Shows who will really help you out when in need.

I'm not as bad as some other people who live in the dark. People unaware of their state and they continue to suffer in silence behind closed doors till they go berserk. I'm blessed by God with so many of you awesome friends. A handful of peeps told me to call them if I needed anything, a few personally called to see if I'm alright.

Now, the place I'm residing in for the mean time. My friend Hannah (that babe above), she's such a sweetie. Not only her dog Caramel has been a comfort but they treat me well. Except for the brother, well, can't blame him for complaining about a stranger staying in his house for so long and imposing on his family. I'm sorry, I don't really bother you much except for eating your food. :/

Dude, I totally understand. No worries bro, I won't go snacking on your burgers. Just like how I'm VERY protective about my chocolate bars, I would kill my brother if he stole one.

Anyways, Joanna is helping me out, planning stuff and contacting her friend who's a lawyer. Um, not sure of the details, I'm unaware about what's going in as well but thanks a million for putting so much effort into this. Into me and my future. I'd be really screwed if it weren't for you or all of you guys.


I'll update you guys if anything else happens. Or I might not be able if worse comes to worst that I don't have a roof over my head much less internet AND my phone gets stolen. Triple whammy. Jinx that.


Corynn said...

Hey, I hope you're feeling alright.

Missyve said...

Everyone's really solemn about this, freaks me out, lol. I'm good, thanks Corynn.<3

Slurphs Milo said...

you look pretty pale.. what happen? do take care of yourself. hugs

Myhorng said...

who's the one dying behind the pic on the bed?

Andrew said...

Hey lil one!! how are you doing there ar?? heard a lil from tockie.. hope you're ok!! if you need anything do let me know ok =)

Good to see you the other day though!! *hugss*

+ Suresh + said...

hey zoe..hope everything will go well for you..do take care..n if u need any help.do ask k..=)

psss:if someone's disturbing you..lemme know..i'll get you a real gun to replace ur water gun..:p

RawrMyPillows said...

Hey, dude, things seem pretty glum =S

That's what I envy about people that have a very strong faith in they're religion, no matter what, they're never alone.

When things get shitty, try to hang in there, even though easier said than done. Hope the worst has already passed, because its bound to get better soon. Life gets that way.

Take care man, bessssst wishes :3

Missyve said...

Milo - It's the webcam, I'm healthy! Wish I was that pale :) *hugs*

My Horng - =.= lmao, that's Hannah!

Andrew- Thank youuu *hugs* Very kind of you to offer help, glad to see you too.


Rawtmypillows- Once you hit rock bottom you can't go any further than that. Mine ain't that bad, it could of been worse but phews, thank God it didn't. Thankew.