Friday, April 03, 2009

Hello World

Currently I am eating my heart out. I can't stop it, I first started eating Chips More's Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, then blackcurrant gummies, raisins, CNY treats, expired Cloud 9 chocolate bars and much more to come.

Why? Why am I ruining everything the night before the big event Music Bash? Something very dramatic happened. Two people wanted it to be this way and I know it. I ended up crying with hiccups, which was really bad. Two people were there for me. One who understood and one who didn't.

I'd really like to appreciate you two. Thank you Ren for caring and trying to help. Thank you Clarisse for being there for me and having been through what I am going through now gives you insight on how to improve this situation.

I'm sorry for just bringing a bundle of problems, I feel like nothing but trouble but I'm so glad you guys stood by me and not leave me alone to survive in that hellhole. My keys were confiscated and I took minimal luggage. I will not be returning home for at least a month. I brought some books along to study so don't worry.

Life won't be such a party for me after today, I'm gonna have to start making my own money and live like a responsible adult. When you're unfortunate and don't get to be born into a rich family or a loving one, your teen years are pretty screwed. I guess I'm gonna have to spend my early life on supporting myself and hopefully making it big or something something and become an inspiration.

Gawd, I wouldn't mind if Pastor Kong adopted me. Not only is he a man of God but he's be such a perfect role model and father for me. Perfectttt... *dreams*

For now I'm going to continue to eat chocolate. Till I figure out what to do... see ya later, aligators.

(In a while, crocodile.)


shadowking said...

sounds pretty serious :(
what happend to you?
being so sad to just stuff food into you
you must be feeling really crappy :(
did you fight with your parents or why are you leaving home?
I really hope you will get your life together again
because right now i cant do anything for you except hoping...

well just like the famous song says "only the good die young"....ehhh more like "only the good get hit hard"

just one little advice
dont eat too much chocolate you will just feel worse later on
if you feel crappy than just cry and shout out your bad feelings...
still dont know really what happend :(

Missyve said...

I'm still on the eating craze now. Food doesn't help but it's all i can do. Thanks for caring. I'll try to lose the calories.

shadowking said...

lol seriously just stuffing yourself with food is not good...
and i bet you can do something else

Ren said...

yeah, I guess I'm just me again.
always wanted to know the entire situation before really come to a conclusion.
Sorry that I don't know you well but you know I always there try to figure something out just for your own good.
It's really not easy... when you not try to understand someone but want it the other way round...

anyway, let's forget it at this moment let us enjoy tonight :)

Sue Me said...

Hey Lil Zoe,

I hope you are doing alright. It's sad to see sometimes adults are so immature. It's ok to eat your heart out but EXPIRED Cloud 9 ain't exactly what you should eat. Try to eat something that is not expired.

I'll see you tonight and we will have a blast. ok? *hugs*

Missyve said...

Ren- I appreciate it though. But I know what to say and what not. Telling you isn't gonna change anything.

Sue Me- Adults are ammatures as well. Idiots, people in the 50's should all die out by now. Okay, the chocolates were awesome though! Ren has so many nice fine chocs, LOL.

*hugs* <3