Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Issey!

It's reeeally late and I'm reeally sorry but at least I didn't miss the party. This man is truly a man of God. Always helping out in church, serving fervently in cell group and ministering to members in need. He's always helpful, happy and enthusiastic in everything he does.

Being in the security ministry has made him such a man. Not one with a huge ego and a proud grin but a willing heart and a modest smile. So how do we W19 members repay him? SURPRISE!!

I was pouring gold sparkles on him.

אִיסער צהענג at 2:05am April 10
mm, now ic more, hahahaha
Zoe Yve at 11:31am April 10
Gold dust, it was Tinkerbell's fault!
Elaine Tan at 12:12pm April 10
Hahahaaa... the innocence of Zoe~
Darien Chew at 5:12pm April 10
but Zoe, u was pic is de approval, *ROFL*
Zoe Yve at 5:25pm April 10
Elaine Tan at 1:30am April 11
well well... GREAT JOB ZOE~~ :)
אִיסער צהענג at 1:55am April 11
haha, chicky zoe! grrr...
Zoe Yve at 6:21pm April 11
cheeky* ;)

*shrugs* I'm sorry, I have a knack for correcting people's english. Back to the point, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISSEY! Hope you bloom room woohoom in God and Jesus loves you.