Monday, April 13, 2009


Who's this little cutie? I first revealed him to you guys here. My dear beloved hamster-Zohan, whom I've grown very much into.

He's been so much joy. Lovable to look at, hyper, all hamster are so hyperactive. I've been faithful to duties, cleaning his cage every 2 weeks and feeding him everyday. It all came crashing down one fine day when I accidentally called him Tiramisu.


W-wh-whu-whut?! Did I just say that?! I stopped in my tracks as I held him in my hands. "I'm so SORRY, ZOHAN. I didn't mean to call you Tiramisu, I don't know where that came from. Please forgive me! I love you, I'm sorrryyyy!" Who's Tiramisu?

He was another black hamster. Given to me by a guy in 2007. It was a surprise but I gladly accepted. He was a very tamed hamster when I got him but this fear in me always kept me from embracing him too much. He never bit me, I had a feeling he loved me as well. Tiramisu made me very happy.

27th May, 2007. (Johor Bahru, Tampoi.)

Unlike his counterpart, Vanilla. She was a fierce, wild hamster. Always bit me and I never could take her out of the cage by hand. I had to find tactics like using the metal ladder or lifting up the bowl when she was in it. Hard times... hard times.

I showered them once a month because they would smell.

I know you're not supposed to because they might catch diseases more easily, specifically wet tail. I couldn't wait when it was over, it was a priceless moment seeing Tiramisu and Vanilla cuddling!


I wasn't such a responsible pet owner back then. I only washed their cages once a month. Both of them had to live separately because Vanilla was a bossy bee-yotch who started the fight with Tiramisu all the time. Partly because he was horny and always tried to hump her.

*emo victim*

Vanilla died last year. On February the 3rd. She rotted in a very undignified manner, my mom just dumped her in the trash. I couldn't believe it, for my first hamster we buried him nearby a church in Canada. Saint Patrick's I think. It was where we had our scout meetings.

I was a bit disappointed. Since she already did the job I let it be and considering what a selfish person I am. I wasn't too sad she was gone because it meant less work for me. All I had to take care of was one hamster that showed affection to me. I'm sorry, Vanilla. Hope animals go to heaven too.

I continued cleaning the cage monthly, feces accumulated and the hay turned sallow. I felt bad but just couldn't lift a finger till it was so bad I had to wash it. I wasn't surprised when I saw a red spot on Tiramisu's tummy. I believe it was a tumor, I asked Mom to bring us to a veterinarian but she didn't know where and hardly cared since it was my responsibility after all.

I searched on Google for animal clinics in Malaysia but she always procrastinated. Two weeks later, Tiramisu died. I didn't know it at first, when the food was left untouched and the water stayed leveled. I called his name and he didn't respond. I was heart broken and mad.

Not what I was thinking but would if it happened now. Boohoo, back to the story. That was around March and I swore to myself that I wouldn't get a hamster again till I learned how to be responsible. I blamed myself for Tiramisu's death, being a horrible, uncaring owner. I also told myself I wouldn't have any more hamsters that year in 2008.

That's the reason why I got so mad when a friend of mine gave me one for a Christmas present. Now I'm doing it again, neglecting it because of 'house' problems. I'm not there, I can't refill the water receptacle nor feed him. Nobody in the house cares about him at all. I'm sorry Zohan, you have to suffer because of me.

For the sake of my hamster, I'll go home for one night and take it back. Give him the treatment he deserves. I'm so seriously not gonna get a pet after him till I've got a place of my own.

Hang in there, my love!


vialentino said...

so cute hamsters...last time i got hamsters too....the only thing i un like is their stinky urine...

Missyve said...

Oh.. I see.