Monday, April 13, 2009

A Dog Wash

Pomeranians are one of the cutest breed of dogs, it comes at a price of 2-3k. It is no cheap pet and the puffy fur prides it like a lion's mane. This little fella was named Caramel by Hannah, my bestie!

We had a hard time getting to know each other. This dog is one antagonistic son of a... he's just unfriendly. He hates the maid, always barking and biting her whenever the chance arises. So, he was growling at me the first few times I hung around her place to cook, cycle and chill.

I always thought I had a connection with animals because of my love for them and the umpteen amount of stray cats (and a few dogs) I have petted the past few years. So being rudely treated by this tiny dog got me mad. I started ignoring him and the next thing I know he treated me like family after that.

Hannah was lazy to wash her dog, he's supposed to be showered every 2 weeks but her procrastination got him staying smelly for an extra week. I decided to help out and it was the funniest experience. His fur was resistant to the water and it took quite a while for it to sink in. After pouring shampoo and it all got foamy he kept trying to escape by hiding in the corners.

I had to keep carrying him back to the middle. After 15 antagonizing minutes, he rushed out when the shower door was opened and I wrapped him around with a face towel. Didn't really help, his fur took an hour to dry. He looks so creepy when he's wet, not cute anymore honey.

When he's released into the room, immediately he starts rubbing himself to the mattress. You should of seen him, it was the strangest thing. Caramel just wanted his fur dry, ahaha. When it is completely dry, it puffs up and makes him cute again, yay!

Doesn't it just make you feel like having a cutey wutey dog? Go adopt one at SPCA today :D Being a responsible pet owner is important, remember to shower your pet(s) with love.

4th March, 2009.


Andrew said...

hero zoe!! =) hows things going??

Corynn said...

Aww...he looks so soft and cushiony.

Missyve said...

Hi Andrew! I'm good, thanks.

Corynn- His fur is too long now and unwashed so it's not nice to pet or embrace him. But he sure is a cute clump of slobber.