Sunday, April 12, 2009

Beloved birthday presents

I have a phone full of outdated pictures, those weeks that my blog was abandoned, all those news that was never told was because I could not transfer pictures out of my phone. It wasn't the cable's fault, it was due to my (mother's) very old laptop. It works fine in this Sony VAIO, so I'll be posting a lot of olddd pictures.

I wanted to compose this entry a week after my birthday party but only now could I do it. I want to appreciate all the presents my friends gave me. Starting with Suling.

We were at The Body Shop the night I met up with Lih Ren, Kelly Siew, 'Zomfwtfbbq', Ck and a few other chatters. The promoters there were telling me about this promotion about a limited edition body scrub. Little did I know, Suling and Kelvin bought me the strawberry one! *triplehugs*

The Fruity Present


Stole this picture from her very sweet post!

The Sinful Present

Joshua, Stephanie, Andrew and Benjamin all chipped in to buy me Godiva chocolates, OMG! They had to buy it despite me saying I didn't want chocolates in my wishlist. I LOVED IT ANYHOW, muacks you guys!

The Answered Present

Lih Ren and Jane being the only people who actually bought me something on my wishlist, LOL. Which was scented candles...

(candle plate/holder as well)

and the tealight lantern and candles. Although I wanted a different one completely, the scent, lantern and candles. They were so thoughtful and nice to have given me what I asked for :) Oh yeah, and the chrysanthemum plant that I named Christine. She's still alive... there's still some green left in her leaves. =/

The Porky&Yummy Present

Shiats, I forgot to upload the picture of the box containing it. It was those Mandarin pork slice paper boxes in red, imprinted with roses as the background. Pinky, porky and cute! Who else could it be other than Griza!

Such pertinent decorations, she bothered to add 5 little adorable blue stars on the pig's back! X_X

When I opened the box I was so shocked, OMG CUPCAKES! I love cupcakes (muffins more but nevermind) and I thought she ordered or bought them somewhere. You know what, she made them herself and it took her all night to bake because she didn't wanna come empty-handed.

I couldn't bear to eat it and what gave me another reason to not touch it was the "warning" she gave me both in person and paper. She said it sucked and it was only for the eyes to see. =( I actually believed her and let it sit there for 3 days.

On the third day God said, "Eat them cupcakes." And so I did. BOY, WAS IT DELICIOUSSS. You total liar, GRIZZY PIG! I saved some of the icing, the pig especially, I'm vegetarian! LUL, to me it felt like the most heartwarming gift I ever had. Thank you, Griza *smoochies*

The Ugliest Unconventional Present

A pair of blue and orange striped toe-socks. Ugly as hell but equally funny. You know what the wrapping was? My friend's old sock that he wanted to throw away. Nicholas wrapped a pair of new ugly socks in his old worn-out long sock. Now isn't that sweet =l Kthx and a bye.

(Kidding, I still appreciate it. :P)

The Owed Present

Mom and her bf stalled this for months, my promised closet only came two days before my party. My room was an utter mess with plastic bags of clothes. The budget was RM$200 and I had to push it a little further by another 99 bucks to get this decent little one. Oh com'on, you can only get the shittiest piece of wood with 200 ringgit. Not to mention the design.

Thanks anyhow.

The Parent Present

It totalled to a hundred plus, it wasn't that bad. Considering you sneakily discarded my corn flake cereals but kept the chocolate I sneakily put in. Maybe chocolate addiction is hereditary. These were the ingredients we bought for the baking in Tesco. Tesco sucks because it is marshmellow-deprived, so is Giant and MyDin. Cold Storage rocks my marshmellowy world.

Joey gave me a Bolt (the movie) bracelet, adorable(: Simon bought me a Paul Frank monkey design mini tote bag in replace of my lost Snoopy one, sweet! Siau Wen also presented what I wanted after reading my cry for help in a very nice package with a ribbon nicely tied above it.

She's forever so pinky and bubbly because the box had pink and red heart designs all over it, *screams*. Christopher delivered my present personally in advanced because I accidentally forgot to take my tongue stud from the sauce plate and it was my last. He got me 3 very cool new tongue studs, thank you! I know they weren't cheap.

Stanley, thanks for the birthday card and black banana-shaped(uh..) earrings. The rest were all written before like Jamie's cute teddy bear and Kar Yeong and Mellissa's naughty T-shirt. It was the epic.

Yeah, soo.. don't think I missed out on anyone did I? =/ Do tell me, just know I love every one of them prezzies. It's the thought that counts but you decided to act it out as well. Your presence would have been enough for me actually.

Thanks again!


Corynn said...

What is the pig made out of? Fondant?

Missyve said...

What's fondant? LOL. Just sugar and coloring I think :S

Pork Chop said...

ooh no, i just saw this posting.
Corynn: yeap its fondant and zoe u are not wrong too hehe

Nyway, im very happy that u like the cupcakes! :D Thank u thank u hehe...muaks