Monday, April 13, 2009


My brother Tze is away, he went to Singapore last Friday. It hit me that I haven't gone to Singapore for a long time to visit my friends. The first year I moved to Kuala Lumpur, I couldn't stop going back. Every holiday that lasted 3 days or more, I was sure to take the four hour journey.

I became exhausted and disappointed. It was always one way, my friends never came to K.L to see me, my friends never called me. It may be expensive but didn't I bother? My past mistake was to put friends as a high priority, way too high. So when my efforts weren reciprocated I backed down.

I had a *euphimise* screw-this-crap sort of attitude. Now, I only think about my good buddies and the fun times. Like when I got my first tongue piercing at 13, it was done by Yichelle (Siling Secondary). This picture was with Sje Ting and if I'm not mistaken that was my second piercing done by Isaac (Siling Secondary).

Congratulations for graduating ITE! Hope you get your job as a prison officer. Isn't that such a unusual yet cool job?!

I had lotsa fun in Singapore. Checked out places, went to haunted abandoned hospitals and visited Republic Poly with Isaac to see Esther. They were the first active Nuffnangers I met, being the few popular youth bloggers in Singapore. It's a pity Isaac stopped blogging.

Speaking from experience, salons in Singapore aren't that good. A couple of times I went there for a hair cut and it either didn't make a difference or it turned out horrible. Even friends of mine who go to Jean Yip complains about their quality.

I was waiting for Jia Xin while he trimmed his hair.

If I were to visit Singapore now, I'd only meet up a handful of people and drop by schools I have studied in. Speaking of old schools, Bi Xuan is planning an alumni gathering this December for all Fuchun Primary 2005 graduates. It will be in December, do respond by marking your attendance and informing other Fuchunians.

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