Saturday, March 28, 2009

Watermark smart

Hii. I'm gonna rant about a little something I've been holding in for a while. Almost a year actually. It's about watermarking your pictures. Why do we (bloggers) do it? Hmm, to claim the credit for taking the picture, to prevent other people from stealing it and... to look famous since all the other celebrity bloggers are doing it.

I don't know, don't ask me. I don't watermark my pictures.

I admit, I tried. Using Paint, I don't have Adobe Photoshop and I find it all too time consuming. I would 'watermark' pictures that I have put a lot of effort into. Such as this pink teddy, it took me half an hour doing this. I lubbx it so much I wrote my name there just like an artist would except that I'm not an artist and not really that creative.

Emo and evul pink earless teddy.

Lolcats do it as well, to show ownership of the pictures.

That's fiiineee. You just don't want people stealing your photos, I get it now! Well, you should of just said so! But no, there is an ulterior motive behind this. You want traffic. That's right, you want more hits. YOU wanna be famous.

So in order to protect your pictures and to create more publicity for your blog you decide the only way to do so is to watermark RIGHT in the center of the picture where the eye catches attention. Unlike mine, the first picture, you can easily crop away my name and use it for yourself. (Not saying anyone would be interested, just an example.)

It ruins everything, the point of showing people illustrations or giving them the image of the scenario.

After visiting several blogs, that just PISSES ME OFF. LIKE THE HELL, here I am reading your blog, trying to enjoy your entries and you ruin the beauty of pictures, you distract the reader's attention from what the picture is trying to display all in the name of vanity.

You make us bloggers look like selfish, traffic-minded, money-minded losers who are desperate for attention. Can't you be at least bit more considerate and make your watermarks a wee bit subtle? 'Cus I am through viewing blogs whose owners are only concerned about hits or unique visitors.

Mark my words I will NEVER visit your blog again. And if I meet you I will not link you in my post if we took a picture together (not like that matters since I'm not fehmes or anything).

So you see, the harder you try, the further you get. Blogging is supposed to be sharing, your experience, your life... knowledge and thoughts. Getting a point across to people who bother to know how you're doing. If it's a photoblog or an entertainment webpage, just give a hint or whatever copyright threats you know of.

People will stop reading if you have no soul in your entries at all. That you're merely spouting all sorts of crap just to grab a few seconds of attention, you'll soon be ignored. You don't want that to happen.

See, now you can see the picture crystal clear. This is a picture of my brother sleeping. Isn't he peaceful...

I will never forget the chokeslams, Tze. When you thought you were Kane.
Blogging trumps WWE anytime!

The End.


Simon Seow said...

I used Picasa 3 to watermark my pictures for MDG blog. It's so easy, just select all and use the export feature, it let you resize and watermark all the picture selected.

shadowking said...

how did this entry go from watermarking to spouting crap :O ??

but yeah watermarking is only necessary if your pictures are super artistic and will be stolen...
I dont see any use in stealing a photo from somebody others life...
what would anybody do with that?
so why watermark anyway... nobody wants to use your photos anyway

but how do they increase traffic that way?? to see the watermark somebody has to be on their blog and see the image right?? a watermark with the link wont make them come more often would it??

Missyve said...

Simon - Picasa 3? But I don't have my own pictures, it's always stolen. So I usually give credit to the others.

shadowking- I'm not referring to a lot of ppl I know. Just one of those who try so hard to be like the 'celebloggers'. When people use Google, and they see your link there, they might get curious and check it out.

Say, if another person were to steal your picture and put it on their blog so the person passing through their blog.. and you get the whole point.

Looking professional is one thing but if you place it wrongly you really ruin the whole thing :/

(I'm such a complainer.)

Huai Bin said...

I hear you Zoe. Most people just do a simple watermark down at the bottom. :)

However, I have been known to judiciously watermark my more high value photos in the past - the drug photos, coz it takes a lot of risk to take them and people loves stealing it. :S

Ren said...

i watermark my picture!!!
but only those yeah, ppl will steal it and put as their own those
especially my linkin park post. i put a big blog address on 1 of those big picture!
you hate it but i dun care~
it's not like every pic i bookmark...
since imma lazy fellow... bookmark damn tiring 1 leh

§pinzer said...

haha watch out world, this girl's gonna be in-your-face woo hoo!

shadowking said...

lol i am not saying that to you
sry for the misunderstanding
i totally agree with you that they dont have to use watermarks
but to the people who use watermarks on their blog :D :D
mhh yeah google...
but how often does that happen?

Andrew said...

LOL.. I'm forever with photoshop... It gives me the flexibility of my watermarks.. hehe and captions.. LOL =D

Cathy C said...

HAHA..i dont know how to use PS, so I used powerpoint, a little bit impressive I supposed.LOL.since it can resize the pictures too..

Well it is just one of my thoughts, where if they did not watermark it, somehow people will be able to misused it for other purposes..for instance, jun jun's pic was copied and pasted in some sex/porn(which i totally forgotten) websites..

Yea, i guess that was what i wanted to say :)

Tzy Wen said...

Cathy: how the heck do you watermark with powerpoint?? this i have to know

Zoe: watermarks are important because they tell you where the photo is from and what it is about. so if someone needs a copy of it for whatever reason then they'll know where to find it and who to contact to obtain permission to use it.

And yes of course it's for traffic.

David said...

It's not difficult to do it. You just probably need some guidance to do it. I hear you, stealing people's pictures is not right. Watermark is just one of the methods to protect own copyright but not perfect solution. Just my thoughts.

Allison said...

hi,maybe some ppl water mark their pics for fame or to gain more traffic (lol, i dno about this) but for me, the reason i water marked my pics are to protect them from being stolen from any1 i don not know and illegally using my pics for other purposes which i totally unknown of. Not like got any1 really wna steal my pic or anything la, im just saying what if. As a precaution. Although they can still ps away my water mark but then that will make their pic incomplete.

Just my 2 cents worth of opinion. hehe.. :)

WayeYoung said...

I watermark my pics which I've edited. I don't see much of a problem.

Of course not HUGE OPAQUE watermarks.

If the pics were unaltered then it's common courtesy to label it as your own. To be honest I've never searched a blog just by his/her watermarks.

Peace out A town! :)

stephanie k said...

sobs i missed it .. call me for next ya?

Missyve said...

Huai Bin - Yeah, well, some make it too big as well on the side.

Ren - Bookmarking? Hah..

Spinzer - I was nice!

Shadowking - Increases the possiblity doesn't it?

Andrew - You don't have to edit it if you take naturally nice pics. :)

Cathy - Oh that happened to me as well. When I was 13, urgh. Such pervs these days. Yeah but I was also talking about the placement of the marking.

Tzy Wen - Yep.

David- It's alright with an acceptable design of reasonable proportions. Not just for the sake of propaganding your blog, know?

Allison - Yup! That should be the reason. I"m glad to hear that.

WayeYoung- Well, I've seen blogs whose fonts were big and solid. That was the annoying part.

stephanie k - Okay! :)

David said...

There are actual ways to watermark your pictures. It's called the "Invisible Watermark". ;)See

But then again it's not fool proof but it certainly makes one job harder for them to remove them!