Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Saint John's Cathedral Church and KLPac

For years I have been curious about Catholic beliefs and traditions and last Sunday I finally got to experience it myself. I attended a Catholic service for the first time in my life.

I got the honor of going to Saint John's Cathedral Church. David Wee was very nice to have brought me there.

It was really weird, no, different is the word. They have Communion every week which was different from my church which was conducted monthly. The people - only Catholics would queue up before the ministers and I was eying at one behind me. They would lift up a chip of bread and show it right in front of the person's face and say, "Body of Christ," and you would have to reply, "Amen."

Ouh-kay, like that wasn't different enough. Some would choose to be fed rather than eating it himself. I wanted to practice the Catholic's way of the Lord's supper as well but David said only Catholics were allowed here. O bums.

They sang hyms mostly, it was the Fourth Sunday of Lent, something I do not understand what about. We would read and sing out of that green book I was holding. I was just in awe of the traditions of Catholicism and was adoring the beauty of the church. How spectacular.

This is the tombstone of the first archbishop of K.L. Lived long dincha. He would of been 100 years old this year.

Ignoring my narcissism, after reading a passage of from the green book, in the end the priest would always say 'The Word of the Lord.' Everyone would always respond with 'Thanks be to God.' Interesting.

(Statues of Joseph and the other disciples.)

Although at times it would change to 'This is the Gospel of the Lord'/ 'Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ'. A statue of Mother Mary who many people pray to her asking her to intercede for them since she is much closer to God than they.

Wouldn't it be better if you prayed to GOD yourself? That would bring you closer to Him.

Two shelves filled with Sunday readings and a few Bibles lying around.

When we first arrived in the church, David dipped his fingers into this 'pillar', em stand containing holy water. Very, very cool, I'VE NEVER SEEN HOLY WATER IN MY LIFE BEFORE! ONLY IN MOVIES. He did that cross sign over his forehead and shoulders. I didn't know what I was supposed to do. So I just soaked the first part of my index finger inside and observed what would happen. A pity it didn't turn into gold.

What makes water holy anyways?

This was the confession box. Oh cool o' cool, SO COOL! Sinner/repenter kneels on one side with door closed with a cool cross-shaped cutting in the middle. Repenter confesses to priest, which is me in on the second right (notice my grin). Then there's another side whom another sinner/repenter will be kneeling as well.

This is how it's like to be a priest receiving two confessions at the same time. One person reveals to you a deep,shameful, dark secret in confidence and you say a-okay and turn to the other side and bitch about Person A to Person B.

See how it works?

Person A, Priest, Person B.(Referring to picture below).
Wicked stuff. I always believe in repenting to God alone. Why on earth would you need another person who is totally unrelated to forgive you of your sins? I guess asking for their prayer would do no harm, it gives us a feeling of assurance.

I loved tinted glasses, the traditional church tinted windows.

Purple. A color symbolizing royalty.

A picture of Jesus. I didn't understand why there were so many statues and pictures around. I was used to praying to the ceiling and hoping God was listening and praising in church facing the stage of singers.

Still I gave it a shot. Prayed a little prayer while posing for the camera.

Candles were lit EVERYWHERE, what's the significance of it? Don't get it, please explain. Underneath the candle holders was metal container collecting money.

It was not an air-conditioned place, pretty, open walls with fans around.

Some people would bring statues of Mother Mary for their priest to bless and then bring it back home, that's what David told me if I'm not wrong.

O Lord, my dream come true. Finally getting to sit on a pew! I just prefer the olden way of church, so different from the charismatic way. Church benches are so cliche yet they really do make it feel like a church sometimes.

Matthew 5:14
You are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hidden.
Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it gives light unto all that are in the house.

A statue above every door inside the church.

With a hole beside the door receiving 'thanksgiving and petitions'. Money and letters of prayer list perhaps?

Mother Mary embracing Baby Jesus. I saw a lot of people touching the artwork while praying silently. They're broken tiles put back together, real gold me thinks.

Service started at 10:30 in the morning and ended one hour and 10 minutes later.

Don't know this place but it sure looks like the House Of Wax.

Melting wax dripping to the floor. We really have to stop this whole candle burning thingamajig ritual. Just look at the mess.

Not a very pretty sight I say. I still need someone to explain the abnormal candle lighting obsession.

Don't burn up our oxygen like this! :( Don't smoke either!

Saint John's Cathedral's Church.

We went to KLPac later on and I ordered Salmon Sandwich. (RM$16)

While he ordered Tuna Sandwich. (RM$13)

We came here to read books! Yeah, I was quite the book worm till I started obsessing over the internet 3 years ago. This book was given to me by Aunty Hong Choo. 'Teenagers Are People Too!' by Joyce Meyer.

Been feeling a teeny bit confused lately and after 3 years I've finally decided to touch on that book. Never thought I'd read a self-help book... one of the most embarrassing things one could ever do. I felt like buying one for my mother's last birthday, hee, if you get that.


§pinzer said...

beautiful, beautiful description of the church! this was where an uncle of mine got married.. i also have shots in here, but these pictures put mine in shame!

i still believe in your writing. u'll make a great writer :)

Simon said...

Yeah catholic church is pretty strict about so many things

protestants do so many things better:
we dont have so many statues
we never pray to statues
we have actually normal chairs
we have enough money to buy real bread AND wine for everybody
and we allow anybody to take part in it (most of the time)
we do have holy water ;)

but we have no confession box
and i actually was never in one and i was always laughing about my catholic friends when they were forced to tell their sins

and with all the things the pope is doing right now i wouldnt want to be a catholic

Shawn lee said...


Missyve said...

Spinzer- *ego boost* I took those shots myself! HEH! except for the ones with me in them. Aw, thanks. Maybe I should write a book about my life one day.

Simon - LMAO! Well, i think church pews are cool from the whole contemporary style of Christianity right now. Wanted to experience something different, but I don't think I'd like this for long.

Shawn- Why on earth are you promoting your blog on mine?

Simon said...

Zoe: lol i would download your book illegaly

ehhhh i mean i would buy it ;)

mhh i go reguarly to church
exactly once per year :P
always on christmas

so yeah: I dont like this for long as well... Standing up on a SUNDAY MORNING omg... impossible

Missyve said...

Simon - LOL. Ah, wow you faithful servant of God. There's always Saturday service! :) Where are you from and what church do you attend?

Simon said...

Zoe: No there is not saturday service
at least as far as i know... nobody told me of saturday service... but saturday morning is just as bad
and i am from germany and i visit a normal protestant church...
You might look in googlemail to see who i am :D