Friday, March 20, 2009

Picnic at Port Dickson

2 Sundays ago, a friend of mine brought me to P.D for a small trek to a secluded beach. It was a picnic date by Tzy Wen! Picnics, haven't had one for YEARS, like, way back since Canada.

We had to walk quite a distance and the road was fairly steep. I spoke too soon when I said, "It's not that bad." Something like that.

Boy was it crowded. Seemed like there was a school field trip 'cus I saw many students following a teacher around. I was getting tired walking uphill, kept eating bananas and asked Tzy Wen, "Want some yellow energy bars?"

The last thing I needed was extra energy, I have so many unused ones to shed!

Monkeys were everywhere. Especially at the resting point right before the staircase, dozens of them. No surprise, there was a forest around us.

Look at the monkey behind mee!

Tzy Wen was a genius to have bought a bundle of bananas, which carried over 20 slim ones. He was very generous as to have given 2 away. I stopped him from giving more 'cus I wouldn't want an army of monkeys attacking us now.

A little boy was there and since he was right beside me when I threw the banana at the monkey he probably thought I was a harmless human (which I am) and decided to ignore mommy's command about 'not talking to strangers'. He shows me a bottle of earth, rocks, leaves and an enormous ant inside.

"Wow. What a huge-ass ant!"
"Yeah, it's an...a huge an ant!" Tzy Wen considerately minded my language in front of the little boy. I don't think there's anything wrong with the word 'ass'. That boy's gotta learn the word one day!

Guess what, I was bullied into carrying Tzy's very heavy backpack.

He was also very kind to have not informed to wear shoes. It really was a jungle out there, the rocks, the moss on the rocks, the tall tall trees, it was all so tropically beautiful.

There were beaches on two sides, over here the tide was so low you could see the seabed on the shallow end. Well, sorta.

Nearby, we flung out Tzy's picnic cloth and sat on it. It was about 1P.M if I wasn't mistaken. He planned and prepared everything. Bought the bananas, fruit juices, made tuna and cheese sandwiches(badly proportioned of cut tomatoes). Ahem, it was great!

I went out to find some nice seashells. Tzy Wen followed soon after. He asked what I was doing, I replied saying 'She sells seashells by the seashore!' LOL.

He couldn't do tongue twisters but what he could was spot a CLAM, WHOA?! I've never seen a real live *emphasizes*alive clam before.

It sucks on rocks! Coolest thing eber. They really are like snails, sea snails.

I loved playing with the sand there. It wasn't fine, artificial and soft like all the other beaches. This one you could see all the bits and pieces of sea shells, all broken in the natural process of the crashing waves on the rocks, etc. Very beautiful, granular sand.

We started spotting hermit crabs. Mr.Crabs was everywhere! I'd pick them up and it would hide in their 'hut'. I tried talking to them asking them to come and they all slowly did. I CAN TALK TO ANIMALS :O

I get freaked out once their legs reach out to my fingers so I drop them. Ow, hope the au naturale sand was a good cushion for them. I would pick them up again and beg them to come out and drop them each time they spread their legs out so wide, I feared they would snap at me. Cut into my skin in some way.

"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!"
I really felt guilty about dropping them countless of times. Tzy gave a good suggestion of putting Mr.Crabs on a rock.

This was where we rested, the picnic was shadowed by the leaves of this lovely tree.

Oh look, another crabby patty.

Right after that picture was taken I let go of it again. Apologized and decided to pick it up 'cus it was just so darn adorable.

Just look at it. So amazing, so puny. The eyes were very freaky, it was like poking out.

After the 3rd victim, the fourth crab actually dropped out of it's shell and it was then I realized it wasn't because of my talking that it came out. It was slipping out because I was holding them in the wrong angle.

This swing hurts your butt, they really should cushion it.

I saw a brick and we dug it out. It is our property now, Tzy Wen pulled the first piece out - which it his then. This is mine, Brick Zoe.

Someone got burned. Hehehee. Super sensitive skin and yes, I do think it's ALMOST as red as your shirt. I mighta exaggerated a little.

I saw a lot of seashells and they were chipped and broken except in the middle. Since they're hollow, that would make it a circle. I tried to fit it into my finger and yes, it was the perfect ring. Environmentally friendly too.

That plastic bag I was carrying was where we dumped in all the pretty seashells. Tzy Wen was great in finding nice ones. There's a few 'cow shells', those white ones with black spots all over them.

I found a toe ring, LOL. Isn't it pretty?

At about 5 we left that awesome beach. The day was so fine, the weather perfect, we napped for approximately 45 minutes. The air started getting chilly so we packed our stuff and retraced our steps back to where we started.

The public beach is truly a disgusting sight compared to the one we went to earlier. The beach was cluttered with people, the sand was so dirty and cigarette stubs were seen everywhere.

I saw a cat in one of the many food stalls there and gestured it to come to me while saying, "Come here, kitty." Lo and behold, IMMEDIATELY it started walking towards me. Maybe I really do have a connection with animals? :P

Love the cat so much! Takes good care of itself, the fur's really clean and soft. Wish I could take it home. I look so dorky in that picture :/

What sucked was that the clouds blocked the sunset. I watched as we turned away from the light and slowly seeped into darkness. It was a scary moment for me. Being nyctohobic, I need constant light. Unless I'm with someone.

I'm a bit tan now, I forgot to bring some sunscreen along! Argh, applied a little whitening body lotion which didn't help one bit. Now I have to wait for a few months for my skin to lighten up.



Simon said...

wow first of all i have to say that that location looks so AWESOME for a picnic
I made the same mistake when my parents once decided to make hiking vacation... after i said "uhhh a little walking i will do that easily" I was too proud to say that i couldnt walk anymore
wow seeing wild living monkeys... totally impossible here...
but i look rather at you than the monkey ;)
"army of monkeys attacking us" I loled at that one
and than right beside the forest an ocean - how nice!!!
I definitly would be so surprised if just like that a crab would come out of a shell, but than again How cute and tiny~~~~
and than shell-ring?! omg cute

Really looks like a fun trip

Tzy Wen said...

thanks for filling in the missing parts of my post!

I've already forgotten about the "yellow energy bars" and the "huge ass ant" and how you claimed that my backpack wasn't heavy :|

Simon Seow said...

Ah, so that's where you got the shell rings.

Missyve said...

Simon - Picnics on a bench by the lake are much better, ahah. Oh, where do you live now, no monkeys? Hmm. Ahah, sweet, I looked kinda dorky that day. Well it is a huge concern abt getting attacked by MONKEYS, you know how crazy they can be. Heh, it was... besides the tan.

Tzy Wen - Darn it was heavy, don't j0o deny it nao!

Simon - Yes, those lovely shell rings.

§pinzer said...

hee yea she has a knack to remember things, its ausom :D

Missyve said...

Spinzer- The ironic ones mostly! Hee <3