Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oopsy Daisy

Hullo! Sorry for not updating for the longest time. I've been bizzy busy, I got a job! It's my 3rd day today and it sucks 'cus I spend half of what I earn for transport. The whole public transport system gets me crossed.

What also sucked was that 2 mornings ago, I saw a bottle of chicken essence on my dinner table and I THOUGHT MY MOM WAS SOO SWEET to have opened one just for me on my first day of work. As I took a mouthful, it tasted reeeally salty and just not 'chicken-like'. Maybe it was because I didn't have one for so long? Keeping it in my mouth I walked to the kitchen and saw half-boiled eggs.

Oh. Soy sauce. I spat it out into the sink and washed my mouth with tap water. SICK MAN, SICK. Wt*wt*wt*. What a genius to put soy sauce into a chicken essence glass container which by the way, IS the same color.

I have one more day to blog about the Bloggers Nite Out with DiGi to win the PSP, wish me luck! I also went for the E-Lawyers Blogging and Law Conference where I met Khailee, from Youthsays. Was kinda weird 'cus I always thought he was a girl. Attended the premiere movie screening of Dragon Ball Evolution, yeah. So, hopefully I can update once I come back from workkk.



Milan said...

your life is inreresting..please keep writing...

julian said...

hiya! thanks for doing the survey and dropping by my blog :)

good luck for the PSP - wish I could get invited to all these events!

Missyve said...

Milan - Really? Sucky too, ahaha. Thanks for your support then.

Julian - Welcome! Can't, too late, darn. Well, i believe you will soon. :)