Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nuffnang's Bloggers Nite Out With DiGi

Oh nooo, I'm too late :[ 2 hours late to submit this entry to DiGi to contest for the PSP. Not that I coveted one but if I won it, I would of given it to my friend. Oh well, at least I can say I'm not a sucker for PSPs!

What happened six days ago was that dear Christopher was really nice 'cus I had to stay over his place the previous night for the Blogging and Law Conference where I didn't sleep at all, and we were late 'cus he didn't know the way.

I think you need a GPS now!

I couldn't have made it to any of these events/parties/conference without you, Chrissy! Thanks. Yeah, anyways, this exclusive party was only opened to 30 bloggers.

We arrived just on time and thank God only the finger food started, I feared dinner was all gone the buffet was all closed. It was very cute to have seen a bigger-than-life sized Windows Live Messenger printed on a huge ass board. Everyone wrote their nicks, blogs, names, simple designs. I wish I had put more creativity to mine, my previous MSN nick was a phrase excerpted from Katy Perry's 'I'm Still Breathing'.

It goes like this:

I'm still breathing
Though we've been dead for a while
This sickness has no cure
We're going down for sure
Already lost a grip
Best abandoned ship

Lyrics of the chorus is always easy to remember. Love meaningful lyrics!

Food was great, I took 3-4 pieces of creamy Dory fish and the fried one. I just ate a lot of fish 'cus I skipped the mutton (poor lambs!), chicken and fried rice. I don't like eating white rice, F.Y.I.

What. Don't look at me that way. It's good to be healthy. Refined stuff sucks, except for chips, chocolates and cookies. After a very satisfying dinner and seeing Chris' struggling to diet by talking more than eating, they came to the main point of this party.

Which was the launch of their collaboration with MSN, you can now be online 24/7! Without the need of an iPhone or a blueberry, wait, that's a fruit. A Black Berry.

Common phones by Nokia and Sony Ericsson such as the 5300, 6300, N70, N73, N95, 6288/ W910i, K530i, C905, C902, K800i, K750i, K810i. More info here.

How does it work? You first have to activate GPRS on your cellphone, SMS MSN to 2016 (only for DiGi users) and you can click on the picture below if you're interested. You get 2 months for free to try it out, but it's gonna end by 16 May so you gotta hurry!

Talking about love, it was now the battle of the sexes. Yat and Cindy were sortaa 'debating' about whether an ex is still your friend because he/she still loves you or... doesn't or something.

IMHO(my first time using this, cool huh), the topic was so random, and the dialogue was SO WEIRD! Funny thing was they weren't even replying each other, they didn't even read the opponents response.

If I was given the chance to ask the question, it would be:
(More like a statement than a topic but...)
or something more blog-related like the pros and cons of blogging. Ta-daa, much better questions.

To make the audience more participated, it was time for games! Rather than using the typical MSN emoticons, why not make your friend's day by NOT being emo but twisting your face silly similar to the emoticon you would usually just type.
Robb got xD, making peace signs with his hands was a bonus. The girl in the middle got it hard ;P You have to squint one eye to make the eye ratio the same ON TOP OF THAT cross eyes!

Kim did very well for the second one and Huai Bin got third place, the consolation prize is the limited edition DiGi leaflet. Wow, great. Like 5 years from now you can sell it on eBay for 10 bucks :D

I got the ^^ emoticon, not that I don't wanna show my picture but I don't have any. Lucky me, I got first place because of the support of my friends. 3 people attempts the same emoticon and whoever gets the loudest cheer/applaud wins.

Thanks so much for clapping, guys. I won a webcam! *hughugs*kisskisses*
It was the sweetest thing even though I didn't do very well, shows how important friends really are! Their support/encouragement I mean.
-sheds a tear-

Now it was time for the lucky draw. Headsets were gone during the catechism, wish I got one! It'd be the complete PC experience with a webcam, headphone and microphone! I'd totally be Skyping more often.

There were Coca-Cola caps, Rayban and Oakley shades, and 3 PSPs. Thomas got the Coke cap and when he checked out Chris' number, immediately his number was drawn and got jinxed as he received a Coca-Cola as well which was rather crappy compared to the PSP.

Kim Ong, Cindy, Zoe and Carol.

I was waiting and waiting, glad each time they didn't call out my number 'cus they always save the last for best. Once the shades were gone, they said the best blog entry submitted would win the PSP. THE HELL, HEY THAT'S CHEATING! They didn't exactly specify how we were gonna win it, but there was another way...

Jamie+Shitzoe, Kate+Kenny's Rayban, Zoe+ Christock's Coke cap.

Zoe, Kate, Carol, Cindy, Chris

Kate, Chris, Kim, Cindy, me/and I.

All of were given a number starting with 016 and mine was 016-23, a nice free black T-shirt with a different emoticon. Mr.Jinx Yap and I got the cool Dancing one.

David got the cap too, LULZ! I like his pose, goes well with the slanted position of the cap.

Sucks you didn't get to win anything! Hopefully, you'll get the PSP? :)

No, we're not promoting Coca-Cola, though it really seems like it, right Zach?

Cindy, Zoe, Shitty Me, Kim.

It was great mingling around, the venue was at Friendster Cafe, Plaza Emerald. It felt like I haven't met Kate for ages even though it was merely a week ago and it was my first time meeting Kim.

Maybe Jenkin should of won the Best Dressed Female for the Halloween party.

Shitzoe (the shittier version of me) was telling me a plan, it was so evil... it was so awesome. ;)

I'm just taking some dessert and fruits for Thommy.

I'll give you Shitzoe for that PSP!1! Trade? :D

Apparently, he refused. The real bandit who blatantly framed me tried to take it by force. Causing a chaotic scenario where Robb shouted after him, Thomas reacted quickly by knocking him over with Shitzoe.

Yess... if I don't get it. No one can!

Adios amigo. Ngek, ngek, ngek.

Black Hello Kitty pawns black colored PSP anytime.

Pictures were taken from Christopher, Thomas, Kim, Kate and Huai Bin.


louisyap said...

haha hi

we were one of the few people under 20 that day lol! cheers to being young!


I Slap You

§pinzer said...


2. Their support/encouragement I mean.
-sheds a tear- <-- that's gotta be the best crocodile tears I've seen in a while :P

3. How dare you twist my story, you thief!! May Robb rob you of your misery! hahahaa!

RawrMyPillows said...

Ha! About time you got MSN Mobile! Brah, thats been out for more than a year here >.<

Missyve said...

louisyap- Cheers! Another decade till we're not. Boo.

Spinzer - DON'T DENY IT YOU WERE TOTALLY DIETING. You didn't even eat during dinner time! *gasps* how dare you accuse me of faking a TEAR?!

It was the truestishest thing ever. And I hex you that you won't WIN THE PSPS EVEN THOUGH I KNOW YOU WILL.

Daniel- LOL, whut's the fun abt being online 24/7. When you're out there, you're supposed to be having a life and not chained to the internet every single second!