Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A New Word

Just now, my friend was feeding me cheese fries. Basically, fries with some cheese sauce over it. I broke up the word 'fattening'. I said, "That's FAT..tening... very fat-tening."

I guess my brain was emphasizing on the word FAT.

It's such a scary word, it really is. I am very afraid of becoming fat, it makes you lose your self-esteem, it makes you feel inadequate and most importantly, unhealthy. There was once I almost became anorexic, 2 years back I just wouldn't eat. I didn't feel hungry, I didn't wanna be hungry and I didn't like to eat.

I wanted to keep my 24-inch waist to the grave, I wanted to be skinny. More of my heavier but average weight schoolmates would always ask me to eat more. I believe the reason was rather obvious. They would call themselves fat all the time and say they wished they had my weight and then ask me to put on more.

Great friends I have.

Anyway, I also wanted to be taller. So I figured, heck why not? I'll just eat all I can right now during puberty and grow as tall as I can and once I'm 18 I'll just slim down. I started binging, choclates, ice-cream, pastries and chips. Hmm, not quite healthy but since I've let myself go I went all the way.

I started reading Canadian Living, Men's Health, Cleo magazine and became very concerned for my health. For one, I became a vegetarian frequently. Likeee, cutting down red meat to about once or twice a month? Eating fish every week and mostly veggies everyday.

I loved vegetables so it wasn't a struggle for me. I loved animals as well so the thought of killing or hurting an animal that didn't maul me wasn't nice. Right now, I am in-between the both extremes. Problem is, I'm not exercising. I haven't played a sport for months. Trekked a little, walked around and did random jumps whenever I can but of course that's not enough.

People unknowingly become obese because it's a very slow progression. Pound by pound, centimeter by centimeter, they obliviously let their tummy bloat. In nearly two years I have gained 6kg and 2in. I am not gonna let that happen to me.

It's like lightning, like Kimora Lee Simmons. Who was once so hot and slender is now a mother of two children and is overweight. Time's like lightning, it strikes you and you're doomed. In a flash you've put on 20 pounds because of your ignorance.

See why I was so afraid of food?!

Now I coined the word 'fatning'. It's when you become fat in a flash/gain weight rapidly. That's one word you don't want happening to you. So please don't force me to eat pork, beef or chicken. I DON'T WANNA! I hate chocolates because I love them so much. I get mad when people try to make me eat those.

Once, my bestie made breakfast for me which was real sweet. She asked if I wanted pork and I said no. When I got out of bed and went into the chicken (oops, I meant kitchen), on two plates were sunny-side-up scrambled eggs and slices of pan fried pork on each. How American, how un-me. I dumped all the oily dead pig pieces onto my friend's plate and she started telling me to eat it.

"I can't finish it!!" She angrily said.

Hell, I was gawking. WHY IS SHE THE ONE ANGRY?!

"I told you I didn't want it!" I TOLD HER.

That conversation didn't go well. I compromised by chewing on one and she threw away the rest. Yes, I was mad at that as well. Mad for cooking me something she knew I wouldn't eat and then wasting it by dumping it in the trash while blaming me for it.


Well of course I know she did it with good intentions. Next time I should force down broccolis down her throat explaining that it prevents cancer. HEE (^_^)Y

Er, so. I do not know what this post initially was about. Just know that people judge you by your image and always make an effort to stay in shape. Don't let your homies tell you it's alright to eat junk food 'cus you can afford to. They're gonna say it everytime and in NO time you'll be just like them!

P/S: Don't judge other people by their appearance either and wonder why they want to go for plastic surgery.


shadowking said...

Wow going from one extreme to the other
from eating nothing to eating much
I think you should just eat healthy like you do right now
and you definitly shouldnt let other people control your eating habits (well as long as they are not "eating nothing" or "food addictive")

Recently i have also been trying to control my food as well
but i still need my meat specially because i have been training you need alot of protein to build up new muscles and proteins are in meat
than ofc you dont need to eat the fatty meat
like pork with your eggs is a no-go
rather a normal steak (they are not so fatty) and than burnt in olive oil (olive oil is the healthiest oil out there)
with a green salad
also for me if i go to mcdonalds i eat only a salad

than for breakfast a wholemeal bread is better than buns and you can probably leave out the butter or use some with natural oils

for the training i dont think it is that hard
i go since some time now three times a week to the gym and you notice if you stand naked in front of the mirror changes on your body, well ofc not so big that others would notice, but you yourself will surely notice
and it just feels good if you can take more and more weight after some time

Myhorng said...

Food is good, so does PORK especially bakkutteh

calvism said...

fish is meat. killing fish is wrong too zoe...hahaha : ) spare me the fish is already dead when u bought it theory. so is chicken and pork :P :P rofl