Sunday, March 08, 2009

My birthday party : The Beginning and Charades

I'm having a hard time sorting out and arranging the hundreds of photos taken by Andrew. Cheahs, it's a darn late post. Happened about a month ago. My birthday but more of a CNY party =,=

On the 7th of February at 1P.M, Suling, Wen Pink, Marielle, Ren, Griza and a 'cyber cat' all arrived at the same time, lawl.

Sweet! I sorta changed the timing of the party 3 times 'cus I was pretty unsure myself. I just woke up an hour before that and dazed about what to do. Huai Bin called to say he couldn't make it, Andrew lied about not coming to make me depressed.

Suling, Griza, me and Siau Wen.

I didn't smile properly 'cus I was afraid something was stuck in between my teeth, heh.

Marielle, who said she would come at 12, helped at making spaghetti as well. Although she tried cutting the parsley in the Hindu room because she was nervous sitting in the living room with the rest, aha!

Christopher brought a lot of stuff, he helped me get the mahjong table and baking necessities...

because Robb demanded one. ;(

Firdauz was missing so we couldn't bake in the afternoon, Marielle said there were such things as a no-baking cookie, we googled it but I was lacking one ingredient - cereals. Corn flakes actually, I remembered buying two boxes of them but my mom took them out when I wasn't looking. GAWD, THAT'S SO CHEAP! Just like me, I threw some chocolates in the trolley when she wasn't aware either.

Suling and Griza was missing for a while, figures... they were making chocolate chip pancakes in the kitchen! Wooot woot.

It tasted really good, warm, soft and chocolatey. Jenkin liked it as well.

There was a mahjong corner, an Othello match and the once fishy group now playing chor dai di.

My Othello competitors. Initially, it was only Tock and I. Because I pawned him in a previous game. His darling Yee Hoe decided to help him.

It was alright, lasted for quite some time, it wasn't fair that two guys were competing against one girl. Jamie came along around 4-ish.

She got me such an adorable present! I LOVE TEDDIES, THANK YOUUU!

Can you believe they were in that position for a quarter of an hour?

It took a great deal of effort to get everyone to sit in a circle, split into two groups to play Charades. I wiki-ed a list of movies and wrote down about 40 movie titles and contained the pieces of folded paper into my 'exclusive' Darlie toothpaste box.

Yay! Except that Marielle, Griza and Suling refused to participate :(

TJ was nice to warm it up, he was acting out "Glory" but he looked more like idolising Kar Yeong and he's like, "What the?"

After the trial run and game explanations and code exchanging, the game began.

I bet/swear/pinky promise you that this moment was the epic and the bestest of this game. CAN YOU GUESS WHAT HE WAS ACTING?! LAWL, comment your answers pl0x.

I'll steal Joshua Ong's video later.

The other's were pretty decent, fairly entertaining but no one could beat Horry(the guy above in the hamster-like position).

KY, Firdauz, Jenkin, Nicholas, Jamie, Stanley, TJ, Christopher and Yee Hou.

On my right was Team B. Consisting participants Christopher, Joey, his friend, Stanley, Nicholas Chay, Yee Hou, Rachel, Firdauz and Ren.

While on my left was Team A. KY, Jenkin, TJ, Jamie, Robb and Horry.

The initial punishment for the losing team was to consume chili padi. KY said he couldn't take spicy stuff, Jenkin said he wouldn't mind if it was cut and soaked with soy sauce (what the), and the others all disapproved. So it's all rotten now.

Joey, Rachel, KY, Ren, Andrew and Joshua.

That's about it, for the first part. There's just wayyy to many pictures. Um, continue next time. Thanks to those who came early to help out!


Myhorng said...

ZZZZooeEEE, no more video.

and btw, what the hell is that guy acting ar?

Ren said...

eh? how u get the pic from andrew?
can pass to me the whole thing? or is it filter dy?

cwee said...

oh Zoe dear, u miss out me for yr birthday....oh man, i din get to greet u last nite again...i was too rush...

Pork Chop said...

Hi Zoe, haha sorry i didn't participate in your game,Charades. :P hope u like the cupcakes and enjoyed the day. :D

Missyve said...

Horry- LOL, Video iz a must! YOU ASK HIM LA, I think 'he' was trying to act 'Ratatouille'. Aahaha.

Ren- Joshua sent it to me. Go go go get itt.

cwee- Ah, bummers.

Pork Chop - I <33 the cupcakes soo much! *muahs*