Friday, March 13, 2009

My birthday Another CNY Party : Pizza and Picture taking

After Charades, everyone, especially Robb, couldn't wait to go back to their gambling. Immediately, you could hear marble tiles being shuffled, cards being given and chatters fill the place. It was nearly 7 and I thought of ordering pizza.

Okay, 3 regulars, should be enough? Asked around for what flavor they wanted and called delivery. 20 minutes later, it arrived. Kar Yeong, Rachel, Horng, Nicholas and Simon (who just arrived) was outside. I paid and they... helped themselves to it.

*drools over pizza*

"Should I tell the rest it's here?"

"Nonono, we eat first then you tell them later." Bagus.

(The evil people.)


I just stared at them feeling bad for the others, LOL.

Then they were telling me a plan they could just eat up all the pizza and I could hide the boxes somewhere so that they'll never know the pizza arrived at all and I could blame it on the service. I sorta agreed to it since it really was the ONLY way.

That was when they started crucifying me saying what a bad, evil person I was and they they were just kidding. FINE LORRR... Y.Y

10 minutes I informed the others, there wasn't much of a response 'cus they were all caught up with their games. Haha! Two by two they all came, that was when I realized it wasn't enough. How did I know Regular was so small here?! A Canadian Regular is like a Large over here. So some didn't get to eat anything, so sorry. :x

Christopher with my glittery guitar, Teck Jin, me and Joey.

Group photo, click if you want it larger.

So enough time eating, chatting and gambling, it was picture time! The whole lot of us came together, tidied up our hair, faked a smile... snap. Guess what, JOSHUA ONG BLOCKED ONE-THIRD OF THE PICTURE.

He was reaching out for Pepsi, or was it Coke?

Yeap, his thirst cost us all another shot.

Say 'Zoe is sixteeeeen'!

Ky was being a bully by making a bird spectacle on my face, his 3 fingers look like feathers sticking out.

All went well other than Joshua Ong's unexpected blockage (:P) and a few people had to go. Suling, Griza,Tecj Jin, Joey and his friend were leaving. Mellissa left earlier after dropping by for an hour but I totally appreciate you coming! :)

Rachel Haw, I like her tank top. *hugs*

To be vain, we usually take pictures of ourselves and this is how it looks like in another angle. Makes us look reeally self-absorbed.

But it's always picture perfect!

All self-shots: Nicholas, Jenkin and Christopher.

Thank you Christopher for getting almost everything done! If it weren't for your help, it would of suck big time. Especially the Mah Jong table.

Heng Horng was nice that day, thank God! First being whacked with a plastic chicken on Christmas, saying I was pregnant when I felt nauseated, just teasing me all the way whenever possible.

Really, really, really, thanks for coming. It really was my first birthday party, the previous birthdays were rather small celebrations. It made me so glad 'cus the people I didn't expect to come came but the people who confirmed they would didn't.

I lapp j0o guys! T_T

*Draft saved on 9th, published on 13th.


zhao said...

hey.. i think i saw you at the blogging and law conference. Cheers :)

I was the tall guy with red shirt.

louisyap said...

blog hopping i am! nice blog.

saw you at the Nuffnang Digi party last night. lol.


TOLANIC said...

I saw Vinspire the Buaya King!!!

cindy khor said...

wah..having so many varieties of pizzas... its been a long time since i indulge in them...normally i have to bake my own tesco's pizza.. its too expensive to eat pizza here

Nicholas Chay said...


Myhorng said...

am i tat bad teasing you all the way whenever possible. LOLROF

however, u r evil 22222 @ pizza makaning

Missyve said...

zhao - Oh, cool :) Um, I don't really rmb people like randomly? Wait, I do but do tell me next time please!

louisyap - Oh cool, nice to have met you then. Cool anagram.

TOLANIC- What's buaya?

cindy khor- it wasn't enough T.T Tesco pizza, hmm, is it nice?

Nicholas Chay- Harrow! ^^

Horry- You're nick I coined says it all. You're incorrigible, horwible and.. horny, or something. Hahah, but you guys were the one devising the plan. :/