Thursday, March 05, 2009


I was trying to talk with my friend's maid. We always have a communication problem. She hardly knows any English and I know bits and pieces of Malay. She was telling me her boyfriend and all. I felt really blessed after hearing it, just knowing how much more lucky I am than to have been in her circumstance.

Divorced, with a child and a boyfriend in another country, it's not easy or fair. She asked me whether I had a boyfriend and I said I didn't. She asked why, that was a big problem. It's tiring enough to explain why I don't have or don't want a boyfriend, and translating it into Malay was just gonna get tougher.

"Saya... uh, tak... nono.. lelaki...*lacking Malay vocabs* are assholes," I said.
"Apa ash-hole?"
"Ummm... lelaki, uh.. tak baik."

Phew! That was sure hard. Just trying to have a simple conversation with that woman is a chore for me. She's a really good maid nonetheless, we both love each other to bits! She always asks me what I want to eat, knowing I don't eat chicken and what not, she makes salad for me. Sweet huh.

I haven't been home for 2 days now. I would say it's another form of running away, rather than just disappearing and parents making police reports. You tell them where you're residing making a clear indication you hate your home and never ever want to go back.

I'm just so much trouble at times. No doubt I feel like a parasite too. Even though my best friend comforts me saying it's alright, it does not feel right.


§pinzer said...

learn from experience. i'm glad certain things are taking its course to show you life as how it is.

I always believed that you will decide your own path anyway. all we can do is gently guide you. and i know i'll stick with you till the end because i trust in you.

isn't it nice to have someone who believes in you? :D vice-versa ;)

Ren said...

no chris... we been listed as "lelaki tak baik" :(


baby girl a, let me teach you few more :D

can say
Lelaki ______

Jahat = tak baik
Miang = Horny
Tak boleh percaya = can't be trusted

and the rest u go find out urself :P

millies' said...

I miss you!

Missyve said...

Spinzer- It is awesome yet frightful :S I don't wish to disappoint either!

Ren - Hahaha, don't want liaww.

millies'- miss ya too! :D