Friday, March 27, 2009

MDG Party

Malaysian Dream Girls had their first official public appearance at Bangsar. For I am a sore loser I am gonna say in an unknown club. *grins* Jenkin picked me up and I was Kate for a night. She gave me the tickets because she had no transport to go there so I had to pretend to be Kate but the Nuffie knew I wasn't her by saying, "Of course I know her! She's Hikamaru's girlfriend!"

Oh, I forgot why they're so famous. They appeared on Gutterpost mah! LOL!

Kate and Simon. He was there very early.

The Nuffnang team was late because of the jam. So we went to eat first.

Jenkin, Carmen, Vivien and Kate.

and I.

New stud given by Christopher for my birthday. I kept the jacket on because I had a tummy after eating cheese tosai which sucked big time. DON'T EVER EAT TOSAIS, it really is sai.

Since I had an extra ticket, I invited Ren along. Griza was with the medias at the second floor.

Zoe, Carmen and Vivien.

The models had their first catwalk and sorry to say Dennis, they weren't that good. They were too jumpy and rough, catwalks are supposed to be graceful and classy. It's not your fault and besides, it IS their first time so I should cut them some slack.

Candid, unfortunately :/

He's one of the guys working in MDG, saw him at the auditions.

Dearest Dennis! I love him so much because he's just so vivacious and CUTE! I told you I have nothing against gays, didn't I? They're probably the happiest people in the world and sometimes the emo-ist. Yeah, he gave me a loving long hug when we saw each other at the entrance. Hee!

You see, I'm innocent. I was holding it for Thomas. There was a ruckus about it in Facebook, I'm sorry Su! I just had a few sips, I don't like drinking either. (Unless I wanna get drunk).

I love Anis as well. From being complete strangers at the first Nuffnang Sharing Session to such... loving friends.

Patrick wasn't drunk for the first time!

Really, I was shocked. "Hey! You're not drunk!" I said.
"Yeah, I don't wanna embarrass myself again." Patrick replied.

Indeed, the memories are still very much alive...

My Snoopy bag :( It was stolen at this very unknown club I am bitter about.

Snoopy, just so you know, I truly loved you.

Elaine Daly, one of the three judges for MDG.

I wasn't entertained by the girls walking down the runway, even if I was lesbian it wouldn't have been a turn-on. Simon almost stripped, I bet that would of been more entertaining. Everyone's eyes widened when the hostess, a DJ from suggested stripping while walking down the stage.

Bummers it didn't happen! Even though everyone was relieved when they changed the idea. The free flow of beer ended early and I was thirsty 'cus I didn't want to drink sodas. Water, clubs should provide water.

After 11P.M we went to the nearby coffee shop that sucked, I ordered mee goreng which is the crappiest piece of... NOODLES anyone can eat. I stole some noodle soup from Thomas, thank you! Yeah, the coffee shop in Bangsar beside the unknown club isn't really that good.

A long, long row of bloggers.

We went home at midnight, before that, a handful of us had a chat about an infamous blogger. I wish I had heard it, I wish they private plurked about it and most of all, I wish it was true. You shouldn't let a little attention get to your head now, what you worked so hard for is a mere facade to your A.D.D. :)


Simon said...

I really wanna read it
so hurry up ;)

jk just take your time

shadowking said...

Lol know my previous comment sounds super dumb....
just to make everything clear

i commented when it still said "will post that story later"

anyway overall really sounds like a fun party

and you shouldnt be emberassed of drinking just stand up for it if you do it anyway ;)

and everybody should know :D

Missyve said...

shadowking- Oh, so you're Simon. Didn't know, aha. Nah, was really boring. Drinking is damaging to your health so I don't like to do it that often either.

oh, well, be careful then. Don't drive!

shadowking said...

well i have no car
and no driving license so yeah...

yapthomas said...

tsk tsk tsk zoe zoe zoe,... ahahaha

Andrew said...

woooooot~ zoeeeee =D hehehe

§pinzer said...

hope u loved it, though it should be kinda weird with the little bar thingie moving about in your mouth lol!

Missyve said...

shadowking- that's great, public transport is good.

yapthomas- LOL WHUT, you la!

andrew- weeet (:

Spinzer - Feels weird but it's uber cool! Thanksss<33

Myhorng said...

can't believe patrick's pic still up after this long. wow patrick.

Missyve said...

Horry- Hahah, just reliving memories!