Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I've been asking a few people about universities recently. Why? That's because I have finally decided on entering one after highschool. I want to do Mass Commnication, I think it suits me best considering I also did this course test in a booth from Life College at PWTC last year.

I never wanted to enter university. I only agreed to it because it was the only way to get me to where I wanted - the media. Everyone's saying you need a degree for this and that, last time, going to university was a big thing. All the relatives would always be saying "Wah, your child in university ah?! So big liao (in Mandarin)." Which made me think very few people made it to university and that they were very, very smart people.

Guess I was wrong. Almost all my friends are going through, going to or have graduated from there and I was shocked by the sheer normacy of it. But, but... I thought... university was a RARE thing?! How come it's so common?! When my relatives and mother was pressing me to study, what I replied was, "Why must I conform to the norms of society?!?"

How the hell am I going to stand out amongst the tens of thousands with the same exact certificate? Why don't I hone my talents and improve my abilities (interests) and be better than other people at it so I will be different from the rest. Right?

University is an insitution where you want to further your education to a higher level to pursue more knowledge. Nowadays, they only wanna get enrolled for a degree/diploma so that they'll get high-paying jobs. MONEY, it's only about the money, people only care about $ka-chings$.

Well duh, people kill, hurt, cheat, beg and sell their souls for it. It's gotta be something important. I start getting all miserable and insane 'cus I start questioning why God created the whole universe but it doesn't help 'cus life is not a dream and dreams can't exist without life and complaining about it won't help or undo God's actions.

If God was omniscient and had fore-knowledge about and of EVERYTHING, why, oh why, did He make us knowing all of this would happen? The blessed enjoys life, the rich abuses it, the commoners work as slaves in the market and the poor suffers. If I'm not wrong, what I learned from Bible study is that God created us for company; to worship Him.

All this labor we are experiencing right now is because of the mistake Adam made. Let us all point our fingers to Eve the bitch who asked him to bite the forbidden apple now. Don't you wish sometimes that the Second Coming of Christ would be sooner? It's been like, over 2000 years now and life is becoming tedious.

If only it was that simple. When I was a kid I wanted to be a singer, then a veterinarian then an actress then a dancer. I remember telling my mom that when I was 4 or 5. Kinda true I say, I still love doing all of them. I love singing (although not well), animals, acting and dancing. How was I to know back then you needed a diploma and license for all that?

Like cutting my wrist is gonna bleed me money, urgh.

All the people that I have questioned admitted that university truly does suck and the only purpose they are studying was to be independent and to make LOADS of money. Not everyone of us have fathers who own hotels (or Genting, bloody children got millions in his will and they still fought over it) or are CEOs, directors, successful entreprenuers and businessmen.

I like what Paul said on MSN when I asked him about the topic.

Paulie - says:
its hard to intepret life
Paulie - says:
we just have live it

We or rather I waste so much time talking and thinking about stuff rather than actually doing it. Knowing the amount of time I woolgather makes me feel like throwing dildos to the asses who made life so systematic and domineering where all the evil monopolist walk like snobbish swaggers.

FFFFFFuuuuccckkkk yyyyooouuuuu. I will not be that teen who commits suicide 'cus I really wanna beat it. I wanna win over life and enjoy it to the fullest. I really do.


P/S: Some graduates don't remember anything they've studied either which rather defeats the point of education. They're not educated but obligated.


Simon Seow said...

Well, a degree doesn't guarantee you a good life but it will open more opportunities to you. More path that you can choose. One might not choose a path that related to one's education at all.

Ren said...

depend on individuals girl
U offer lotsa subjects and courses,
some sure is boring but some is really interesting and exciting.
I remember how I get my A in 1 of a subject on just how well i play the game in the arcade :D

yeah it sucks when most of the thing have to do with money and sadly we need those cert in order to earn more (except that you from tycoon family or get lucky in damacai or toto)
treat is as a life challenge!
without challenge, life is darn boring :P

Sue Me said...

Zoe, no offence..I dont agree with what you said.

Nothing is easy in this world. None at all. A degree does not guarantee yourself a job. You yourself guarantees a job for yourself. Whatever test you did in the edu fair, those are bullshit. No offence ok? I did mine. It said I should be a doctor, engineer.. something I have no passion in at all. I enjoy writing hence Mass Comm but Mass Comm aint as easy as you think it is.

It is another thing altogether in the uni. People will definitely forget what they study after a long time. Theory do not help you 100% in workplace. You have to work accordingly to whatever that you do next time.

But conclusion, going to a uni helps you a lot to experience the norms of the society. You get to meet a lot of people. Getting famous aint easy nor realistic. Just so you know...being famous is not fun

cindy khor said...

dunno why, after reading your blog, i feel so energetic again and wanted to do many thing to fufill todays living... thanks ya... that was really a booster

and yeah, now is a norm to acheive higher education.. everybody seems to be crazy about it... mostly mums and dads... although i'm studying electronic in uni, i don't feel like pursuing my career in this field... haiz...my parents sure gonna kill me for that..

by the way, thanks for adding my in facebook

Missyve said...

Simon- Then what's the point right?!!? *pulls hair*

Ren- Hey, that is so true. Sometimes it's too challenging and unfair. Especially for people born without privilege.

Sue - Other than the test, I am interested in the media which would make Mass Com the most suitable for me. Then why do people complain so much about uni then?

Cindy - Gah, really?! So glad it sorta inspired you then. Oh, you were forced to do that course? :S Yeah, kinda sucks to learn sth you're not interested in.

You're welcome, thanks for requesting! :)

Ren said...

u see they say miss once they came out too
at least i am missing my uni life
and lotsa them too
of coz they complain, u only see them complain when the exam coming and they rushing their last minute work!
coz most of the time they were slacking off till last minute!!!
who to blame?
all they can do is rant and say how sux uni is while they not doing hard work on their paper and assignments
1 thing i love about campus society, you can see a bunch of group organize a big event, and if you part of it, you gonna feel darn satisfy if the event come out good response. proof that, with a gang of just youth, we actually can achieve something without any senior involve.

i really hope u can work hard now and make it to a uni life :)

Huai Bin said...

University teaches you the skills to learn and other necessary skills required in the workplace. It's not about the degree - I'm not working in the same field I graduated in. It's just to show the employer that you're ready to handle certain things. You have a capacity to learn, and you're reasonably intelligent. The more prestigious the company the better. Also, overseas grads tend to get higher pay so you might want to consider that. My two cents. :)

Mellissa said...

Seriously babe, trust me on this, if you don't do it you will regret it :) Honestly it's not about the academic skills AT ALL (I don't remember shit from my first two years hahahaha) but the experience itself is worth it all. Especially living away from home, being independent, boozing it up on campus during tutorials with your tutors and lecturers on the lawn .. you get my drift :P

§pinzer said...

<3 you

sorry for being perfect :P

i dunno. i just accept challenges, do it and get better things done hehe

aaah, it's always best to talk to you then to write things down here. u know me dear. tara!