Thursday, March 26, 2009

eLawyer Law Conference 2009 : Blogging and Law

On Friday the 13th, something HORRIBLE happened. Firdauz pretty much slept off without Tock and I 'cus we were supposed to sleep over his house which was nearer to the conference rendezvous. I ended up going to Chris' place and when he said, "We better not touch the computer at all." I, on the other hand, surfed the internet through the night without sleeping a wink while he was snoring away in the living room.

Em. My bad.

As expected we were late but NOT BECAUSE of me. Christopher lost his way and called Suanie several times. Yes we made it! By parking at the roadside. *remains optimistic*

I think this is the first ever blogging and law conference in Malaysia. What sucked was that it was in the MORNING, on a SATURDAY and it was RAINING. 3 big no-nos, you're supposed to waking up at 3P.M on a rainy weekend, people! We came in 15 minutes late and awkwardly got to our seats.

It wasn't boring at all and Cheng Leong wasn't half that bad when he said his presentation was going to be boring and that we should bear with it. Honestly, I thought it was better than the second presentation. No, I'm not racist. (Second lawyer was Indian).

"The 1st topic was Blogging & Intellectual Property Law delivered by our honourable guest speaker, Mr Foong Cheng Leong". Taken from here.

During the Q&A session, Julian was the first to pop a question and then some other guys, Khailee made me laugh 'cus of his 'enthusiastic' response from the lawyer's reply which was giving a chuckle into the microphone that echoed through the hallways.

Fo' shizzle I'm a drama queen.

Aw look, Christopher in a suit!

TALKING ABOUT SUITS. So many people were in such a formal wear and I thank God Chris' told me in advance so I wore this little pink somewhat working-class shirt. I was surprised that not a lot of bloggers came, not the usual bunch. Only recognized 3 people there (other than Tock) and it was Suanie, Julian and Anis.

Cheng Leong, Suanie and I.

On FB:
"Zoe Yve at 7:40pm March 23
i feel really left out in this pic :l
Cheng Leong at 7:40pm March 23
LOL its all suanie's fault!

Christopher, Cheng Leong, Suanie and Zoe.

Yeah, it was really cold. Suanie wasn't very helpful :/ *hug-deprived*

I have to admit I did doze off for a few minutes during the conference but it was after Cheng Leong's. Not because it was boring, I was tired. I didn't sleep the whole night, I was reading Cindy's blog for over an hour because... *guilt* I'm not a really good friend. I mean, I don't check blogs regularly so whenever I do visit one I spend quite some time reading older posts.

By not regularly it means like weeks or even months! Maybe I'm a good friend but not a loyal reader? :D

Yeah so that partly explains why I've been up all night and what woke me up was the refreshments. Sandwiches, banana cake and water. Grr-reat! I was ditched by Christopher and had a chat with Anis for a while. She had to go so I joined in with Khai Lee, Chris, Suanie and Julian.

Turns out Khai Lee's a boy!

He was telling me an erratic story about how he got his name and it was very... it had something to do with cutting his umbilical cord, having so much testosterone and being so muscular that his parents gave him a more feminine name to uh, tone him down a little?

I think that was it. Yep, wow what a story. Wish I had one too, unfortunately my name was picked by my mom's fengshui skills. I love my name nonetheless. That just totally shows what a CREATIVE guy he is!

I know I sound sarcastic but my tone of speech is absolutely different from what you think. He was just really overwhelming like what Chris' said. He made me feel really inferior knowing just how smart he was so I kept quiet most of the time.

I was experiencing some sort of inferiority complex. So, really, I wasn't being sarcastic.

To end this off with a lighter note. I watched Marley and Me with Stellix, Siau Wen, Ren and Shaun. Woof!


Simon said...

Omg i could really imagine that not going well... 3 people trying to sleep together to wake up on the next day... definitly a bad idea

and I KNOW saturdays you have to sleep really long OHHH GOD
and my window is BROKEN AHHHHHHHH So yeah no long sleeping....
and last weekend I forgot to turn out my alarm clock..., so yeah so much for sleep

Missyve said...

Ah, bummers!

suanie said...

sorry sorry :(
but i was feeling really cold...
and needed to piss :P

Missyve said...

Oh, TMI. LOL..