Monday, March 02, 2009

Asia Conference : Day 3

The 3rd post about Asia Conference, which is NOT a church camp as one (moron) assumed. It's a 5-day Christian international conference that brought over 20,000 delegates to one place to learn more about God and culture.

Upon returning the second night, I stayed up with some newly found friends in the lobby which was a very lively place because many people would dance, eat and chat there since there were a few sofas. Sleeping at about 4ish, the day was bound to suck 'cus we had to be in church by 9.

All of us usually wake up at 8, early (and crazy) birds about 6-7. Wait, wait, wait, queuing in the washroom. Shower, shower, shower, change...rush rush rush; putting on make-up, combing our hair, deciding what to wear. That is what goes on in the girl's dorm. I wonder about the guy's, hmm.

Pastor Kong started the service, no idea what he was talking about 'cus I was REALLY sleepy. I was trying so hard not to sleep and frankly speaking, was embarrassed whenever I jerked up 'cus my head slid off my hand TILL I realized later that I wasn't the only one. I saw Elaine slumping in her chair, eyes half open.

During Phil Pringle's session which was right after Pastor Kong's, he was having a difficult time reviving the audience. He tried many times, asking everyone to stand and clap, then he'll continue preaching, then he'll force us all to stand and clappppp clapp clap. He made us do it for like 4 times, and after the 3rd I didn't bother standing at all. Ridonkulous. They should have known better than to make 20,000 people attend early morning services for 5 days in a row.

Everyone was alive when it was lunch time. Started at one P.M and it is always the usual buffet-style which is really inconvenient considering the amount of people there were. (See Day 1.) We had to sit on the floor as there wasn't enough tables for everyone, a hall can hold up about half the amount and with tables taking up space, a third. What sucked more was that Christine Pringle was sharing her life testimony that nobody really gave a two figs about, partly 'cus there were some technical problems with the speakers or microphone which was irritating our ears.

Nobody could really understand what she was saying anyways. Her sharing went past our lunch time which is supposed to end at 2:15 and we had workshops to attend SO PASTOR KONG CANCELED THE FIRST WORKSHOP. I'm sorry, Pastor Kong, isn't your conference meant to equip us with knowledge and the power of the Holy Spirit to penetrate the culture?! Why on Earth did you cancel the class that was gonna feed us more knowledge about the marketplace?

The second workshop began at 3:30P.M, and we were dismissed at 2:30. What the hell are we supposed to do for an hour?! We had coffee at a nearby cafe. Next to the Singapore Expo there are a bunch of restaurants and cafes. There was a warehouse sale of L'Oreal, Maybelline, Kerastase, In2It and make-up pouches. There was an offer of SGD20 for 4 items of Maybelline products, so Sze Ying and I shared. We bought 3 concealers and a lip gloss.

I took the lip gloss and two concealers but gave one away to a friend. Was slightly late as my friend had to pull me away from the warehouse and the elective that I was taking which was a Community Service Workshop was Coping With Depression.

This mister was the person who was teaching us on that topic. Unfortunately, I lost the note because MY MOTHER misplaced or lost a whole bunch of my stuff when we moved. Someone say the F word for me, please. Thank you.

He talked about bipolar and manic depression, who had it and how it felt like. He said exercising is a good way to counter it 'cus it releases hormones that makes you feel better. Are they endorphins? Well I'm content having a slice of brain for tea.

It was a brain model from the doctor, he works in Woodbridge Hospital. A mental institution in Singapore. It didn't fit quite the same anymore when I returned it.

I remember my Mandarin. Zuo and you! Left and right. Isn't that the coolest skull you've ever seen with a perfect set of teeth?

After dinner it was the final session of the day, Pastor Ulf Ekman was preaching. Didn't know what it was about either because the sleepiness came back when we were all seated. A crappy picture of the stage with my 2MP phone camera way from the back. You can even see the sound crew in front.

Time for celebration and picture taking for the whole day ended at 11P.M. All of us were very tired.

We took the shuttle bus back to Eton Hall and prepared to go to bed for the fourth day of Asia Conference. These are my awesome dorm-mates!

They were all sweet because I had to borrow a blanket from one, toothpaste and shampoo from Faith. We shared everything together. There was a bag of junk food beside my bunk bed so I got to eat ate Wang Wang, raisin biscuits and Oreos every night for snacks or morning for breakfast.

2 more days to go.

Written on March 2nd, 2009. Date of event happened on November 21st, 2008


lishun said...

i used to live in eton hall when i was in college. back then, the rooms were partitioned into two spaces and there were only 3 bunk beds, which were metal structures that creaked everytime my roomie climbed up and down.

it's nice to see how it looks like now. hope you enjoyed your stay. i have some fond memories of that place.

Missyve said...

There were colleges nearby? This year, 200 students from China are gonna be moving there for some educational exchange of some sort. Pretty whack I say.

No wonder it looked so new, i thought the bunk beds were old stuff that was jus repainted. Was a bit paranoid, aha. That's really cool to know, Lishun. :)

Superman said...

This mister was the person who was teaching us on that topic. Unfortunately, I lost the note because MY MOTHER misplaced or lost a whole bunch of my stuff when we moved. ****Someone say the F word for me, please***. Thank you.

Never ever said that to the person who gives you life. Grow up kid. You will be mother one day.

Missyve said...

Superman- Was I saying that to my mother? I was merely cursing, don't assume. Why should I grow up so fast anyways and no, I do not plan on being a mother.