Monday, February 02, 2009

Yee Sang, Dominos and a "Mini Economy".

I'm in my room now while Lih Ren, Andrew, Nicholas Chay, Sandra Wong and Yee Hoe are downstairs in my living room playing Blackjack. I'm not being anti-social. I wasn't allowed to go back, LOL. It's because whenever I sit with them, observing the game, Nicholas would always be winning.

Momentarily, I would come up to my room to check on my laptop to see if anyone IM-ed me. Then after returning, they told me to go back up. I was like... ?! So they said it was a trial, okay...fine. Here I am, awaiting for their permission to go back. I shouted," CAN I COME BACK NOW?!" 4 of them roared in disapproval. NO NO NO, STAY UP THERE. I guess they're winning, ahah!

- 20 minutes -

Hm. I feel so used! Now that I am no longer his lucky star it was Nicholas' turn to say, "I think you should go back to your room now." LAWL. But yeah, just the 6 of us simply enjoying ourselves. The yee sang was nice, a tad bit too sour for me... pizza was great, especially the garlic bread that came with it. Andrew bought us wine, thanks Andrew. It's REALLY BITTER, I don't think I'll ever learn how to appreciate alcohol.

It's 10P.M, Jenkin is on his way. Very late! Christopher was supposed to come but he had to go to Seramban and it was all rainy, bummers! Oh well, Nicholas was making quite some money till I kept disappearing. And just now, the final round... I cut the cards. I would either make Nicholas the luckiest man on Earth or vice-versa.

Heh, he lost 70 bucks in the end.


Really glad it turned out alright. Wasn't a bombastic party but a simple, enjoyable one. It's like a warm up for my next party! Woooo. To those who are going, I need a mahjong table. Please bring one. It's so awesome that I was home alone all day and my mom still hasn't come back yet. Great! Gotta go now.

Happy Chinese New Year, I am happy now. ^^


Andrew said...

hahahaha..... so efficient!! LOL =D sorry ya... i got you in pyjamas in my blog!!! LOL +D hope you don't mind... wakakakakka (i know u dont)

Andrew said...

haha.. LOL =D so efficient..!! hope you don't feel bad when you were staying up there... haha.. we was just joking aorund!! LOL =D anway, i got you in pyjamas in my blog though.. hope you don't mind.. wakakak... i know u dont... looking forward to saturday then.. see ya!! nites!! as for the wine, welcome!!

RawrMyPillows said...

Lol! You know what they say, karma's a bitch.

Simon Seow said...

Sigh, I have to work tonight.

Missyve said...

Andrew- I THINK I'M REALLY HIS LUCKY CHARM LOR. LOL. Oh nooo, have u uploaded pics on FB yet? :D

Andrew- (-.-) Felt so sad, had to chat with Robb while I was up here.. aha. The wine very bittur, rawr. Thanks for coming :)

Danial - Couldn't agree with you more. *snickers* But he deserves since he din invite me for his party :P

Simon - bummorz!

cwee said...

hey dear, i've updated my blog...feel free to have a visit and i can't find my name/links on yr blog rolls...sad:(

Tzy Wen said...

nice pjs!

Missyve said...

cwee - oh great, will read it later :)

Tzy Wen - :S Thanks!

k-niz said...

let's try to consume both. i am kinda like dying XD

§pinzer said...

*goes to look for pj pic*