Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Eve 2009

Valentine's Day was uneventful for me, movies with a few Nuffnangers and then church. I wished I had a date with Celine which we sorta planned a week before, what a bummer it didn't happen! Valentine's eve was wonderful though. I met Mikel A.K.A Splashmilk and an online friend of his - Christine.

Christopher came over to pick up Firdauz's oven and helped me out with a certain site. Kate was also asking me out last minute to go to The Pavilion BUT I already had a date with them! I'm sorry :( Drove to One Utama and Chris sorta parked in an invalid space but as long it doesn't cause any inconvenience to other drivers, it's fine.

Good drivers put effort into remembering their parking area and not make friends wait for 45 minutes while holding onto a melting chocolate chip frappuccino standing. Hee.

Right from the escalator was this beautifully decorated restaurant - The Gardens. I couldn't stop staring at it, it was so lovely! Met Mikel and gave him a hug. The last time I had a glance of him was at The Pavilion. The very first time meeting him would be one impression that lasted till now. So glad to see you again!

Waited eons nervously for Christine. None of us has met her before! But she was quite a close cyber friend to Mikel. Alas, she was directed by Christopher on the phone and all of us was pretty much starving even though I didn't feel the hunger.

It is the sweetest place in One Utama! Actually, rather similar to Lovely Lace but that peaceful cottage vibe is simply relaxing. I saw this little cute tealight lantern there for sale at RM$29.90. Expensive! Saw a bigger, star-studded, metallic one at Ikea for RM$25.

I ordered Pink Rose Tea. Yes, I'm very much a tea person. I bought some strawberry tea from Tesco and it tastes like shiat. I will blog about it another time :D It is sooo fragrant, smells just like roses and... taste like them. Which was rather odd. The cup is unique too. You won't feel the heat from the tea when holding the body of the teacup because there's this secondary hollowness from the uh, *thinks vocab* containerino cuppa thingy.

Before I had to continue pouring for myself in the previous photo. Mikel offered to pour me some tea and Chris took a shot. I was shocked he ACTUALLY poured me tea but that was shortlived as he IMMEDIATELY stopped HALFWAY when the picture was taken.

LIKE HE DIDN'T EVEN FILL 3/4 JUST TO BE NICE. Great friends I've got! Heh, I noticed a pretty rose stirrer in Tock's drink. Wish that was for sale, it is gorgeous.


I don't think fake flowers are good at all. It'd be too costly and troublesome to decorate the place with real flowers but think about the good it'd do to the world. It would also add some nice flowery scent to the place, au naturale.
Christopher, Christine, Mikel and I.

The background is just so pleasing!

He hasn't changed one bit from the first time I met him. I didn't get to talk to him that time. I've finally seen his personality here. A funny, cute, gentle guy with a awesome taste of style.

We caught a midnight movie, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. It was nearly sold out at the main cinema in 1U so the seats left were sucky. Made one big round to TGV and bought 4 tickets. We had two hours to spare and Starbucks was closed so we had an ice-cream date at McDonald's. Never go there 'cus they are the stingiest people/store around. Even some Europeans there were complaining they didn't get enough fries for a regular.

I said they didn't pour enough syrup and strawberries for our ice-cream and the McFlurry was only half the cup. Which was the same case at the other McDonald's chain store during CNY Eve. Stole some straws and started making hearts. Mikel was keen to learn and I taught him how. HE SURE IS A QUICK LEARNER, he got the it first time! Unbelievable, it took me like 2 weeks (practicing 3 days of the entire week) to get it right.

It's natural for beginners to have holes everywhere. You're not used to tightening the straws and making it hard and firm. Well, I've never seen one this bad before...

Chris formed a shape all on it's own! I call it a heartfailure. I promised a handful of people I'd make a video to teach them but the problem is my connection. I can't upload anything on Youtube at all! I still remember the chopstick video I owe Huai Bin as well, he needs SERIOUS teaching on holding one!

Was a minute late for the movie, it starts right on time surprisingly. I thought advertisements would be playing for at least 5 minutes or so. Mikel, me, Christopher and Christine sat at the right side of the middle row. It was the best we could get :( The movie is absolutely thought-provoking, sad, inspirational and meaningful.

It's about love. How he falls in love with a seven-year old girl the first time he met her and he is one old, ugly, hunching man. In the end they get together and make love so many times. But the beauty is that none of their looks or age affects their feelings for each other.

It's about life. Growing up and learning things; alcohol, prostitutes, mates. Meeting new people, especially the elderly since he was living in a shelter. He meets a man who has amnesia (because?)and got struck by lightning 7 times but still lived to tell about it.

It's about death. You are robbed of the people you love around you. You can't stop the inevitable when they're time has come. You can feel their sorrows and I was totally grieving when I was watching this part. Very sad, very real.

The cold made me a bit less attentive and IN THE MIDDLE THE AUDIO SUDDENLY STOPPED and the movie kept on playing for another 5 minutes without us knowing what they were saying. The hell, I can't read Malay or Chinese subtitles either. TGV sucks for that incident!

Yeah well, the movie is a 5/5 for me. 2 and a half hours though, but totally worth the watch. Thanks Mikel for borrowing me your jacket in the cinema! :)


That was my pre-valentine's and I loved it! So much fun and bullocks.


Corynn said...

You changed your blog skin again! I remember you using something like this before, but it was green, I think.

§pinzer said...

the fonts are sooo small! lol

we've got to get it running fasst :D

RawrMyPillows said...

o.O New skin... Its orange... I swear it gets me high...

Doesn't crappy allowance answer all questions? I have barely enough allowance to go to the movies regularly. Maybe once in 2-3 weeks. The rest of the cash goes to my savings to fund myself next trip back home >.>

Yours seems to be quite sufficient me thinks. *poke* No fair!
/fail my friend.

cindy khor said...

nice blog skin you have there.... i wish i could have the opportunity to go to the gardens too...

Tzy Wen said...

u spammer.

"secondary hollowness"?? lawl

u mean to say that there's an air gap between the inner layer and outer layer of the glass, thus insulating the outer layer from the heat of the hot tea?

Mellissa said...

Herro Zoeeeee,

We had like awesome strawberry tea at Cameron's which was like totally the shit! :D :D

Missyve said...

Corynn - oh my gosh. I used this before?!?! I can't remember, seems so vague. It'll only be temporary. Thanks for telling!

Spinzer- Yesyes, the DOMAIN ONEE!!

Danial - Haha, high? It's just rather...bright and uh, optimistic i guess. Nah, mine's probably less than yours.

Cindy Khor - Don't you? :) Where are you from?

Tzy Wen - I wish I had your brains. *drools* Happy now :l

LOL, if I were to write that it'd be so looong.

Mellissa- Hi hottiee! LOL, it sorta tastes like strawberry shisha doesn't it?

§pinzer said...

what would YOU know about strawberry shisha :P

cindy khor said...

i'm from malaysia...but currently in the UK

§pinzer said...

i just realized u domainized my car number lol