Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Punisher 2: War Zone Movie Premiere

3 nights ago I went to catch the movie premiere of Punisher 2: War Zone thanks to Buena Vista Columbia Tristar Malaysia, Nuffnang and Huai Bin for the ticket. =)

Christopher picked me up at around 6 but I just got into the shower when he arrived so I made him wait for a while. But I bet you had a lovely chat with my mother, didn't you... =/

Anymoo, met up with Huai Bin at the concourse shortly after seeing Hitomi standing alone at the pillar next to McDonalds. Headed to Outpost Cafe (which is located at the same floor as the cinema) for dinner. It was so wicked seeing two guys uniformed in some special police force outfit with a fake guns. I wanted to hold it but was denied permission saying, "It's fragile."

It looks so cool! But I bet they were sweating their asses off wearing a helmet, gloves, BOOTS, not to mention the obvious heavy leather jacket. Whatever the material is.

Robb informed us that we were allowed to play the board games that was lying around everywhere. I thought they were only for display. So Robb, Yatz, Andrew and I played Transformer Monopoly. I was being very stingy thrifty when Robb wanted to buy my property. And Yatz accused me of being money-minded, wt*! IT'S MONOPOLY, BABIES!

Oh but the classical one is the best of course. I hate all the other editions except for Spongebob's and Barbie's. Had only a drink 'cus I wasn't hungry AND it was a special 50% discount for all the bloggers there. Whoa, go Outpost! Very nice thank you but the drinks are too sweet. :[

Followed Huai Bin to the theater and we sat at Row C despite our ticket seating being F. Yay for us! A lady on my left introduced herself after we both exchanged friendly smiles. It was Debra Jean! Aha, what a coincidence. Love your name by the way.

I'm really glad Huai Bin hasn't lost his camera, a DSLR was indeed a good choice! But it's such a hassle to carry around. Oh oh, after the advertisements the uniformed men came running in telling us that Punisher was somewhere in the theater. Pointing their super-duper-uber cool guns everywhere to feign their search for Punisher.

Punisher (Asian version) then appears and knocks out the gunmen and asks the audience to look under their seats for a BOMB. All of us immediately stuck our hands below our seats searching for any foreign objects. I wish, I wish, I wished it was me but NO. It was DEBRA, THAT GIRL RIGHT BESIDE ME. Bummers. It was an awesome short 'presentation' I say.

Now about the movie. It's really violent and gory. The first act that made me flinch was when Gaitano Cesare was decapitated by The Punisher. I was like, "FWAH?!?! So fast liaw." Like bloody hell, it seemed like the climax in the beginning already.

A couple of disturbing images such as Billy Russoti's grosteque face severely disfigured and bloody when he was thrown into a recycling glass-crushing machine. Don't read, there are a little spoilers here! All the mass manslaughter was daunting.

But something or rather...someone kept my mind off that for a little while. It was Ink. A follower of Billy whom now took the pseudonym Jigsaw. HE IS THE HOTTESTTTT, HOLYYYYY CAMOLIES! He was sniffing meth up his nose all the time in the movie though, was so funny, har.

His real name is Keram Malicki-Sánche. In this picture he has such piercing eyes, looks a wee bit like Clay Aiken me thinks.



Oh, I also tried this shooting game to win a Punisher T-shirt worth like 200 bucks but I failed and I didn't want the scrawny consoling consolation prize which was the movie poster. But hey, it's kinda nice... should of took it.

Thank you so much Huai Bin! And for your call specifically to wish me happy birthday. The movie is coming out in less than a week's time so if you're a guy, I'd recommend you to watch it. If you're a girl, bring a teddy bear. There were COUNTLESS times of crappy cuts which annoyed everyone. They couldn't even do it right, sometimes the screen would pause or the audio would lag.

I can't really encourage buying pirated DVDs either. I guess the best way is to buy the original!


debra fong said...

hey heyyyy!
Finally, I get to meet 'the Zoe' that Yee Hou has been mentioning to me. haha: )

Anyway, nice meeting youuu: )

RawrMyPillows said...

o.O Whatshisface still looks like he's on meth.. But hey, if I were gay, I'd hit that.

Originals? In Malaysia? Lolwut? Try affording em on a fairly crappy allowance (mine).

Sue Me said...

i won the t-shirt! lol...

Andrew said...

what la ths girl!!! lost in cheras... called me for direction!! yet kena blame is all my fault!!! ROFL!!! =D nottie gal!

cwee said...

too bad i was too shy...will greet u next time if we still meet ok...

Missyve said...

Debra- Same thing!! Hahah, he always talks about you too.

Rawr - INK! Have you caught the movie? Mine's bad enough, ahah.

Sue Me - I wanted the shirt so badddd. :(

Andrew- ;p 'cus u were such a great help Chris said I was useless. Ish.

cwee- Shy?! Alright, you said it :)