Sunday, February 01, 2009

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want.

Honestly, Your Presence Is My Present. =D I really don't care about the gifts anymore, I just want an uber 16. But but, a few people were insistent on getting me a present. The last thing I would like is receiving something which is of no use to me. I do not give gifts away either 'cus I find it horribly rude.

Yeah well, sorta got this idea from Suling when she wrote a list of what she wanted last year for her birthday. So, I'm gonna do the same. I won't write the expensive stuff I want of course. I wanna try to accomplish that myself.

1)Eyeshadow applicator/blender

2)Tealight lantern (Ikea)

3)Tealight Candles (Ikea, RM$9.90)

4)Potpourri (Ikea, RM3.90 I think)

5)Yellow chrysanthemum plant (Ikea, RM5/6.90)

6)Red gel pen :D

7)Hair clip

8)Scented candles

9)Candle plate (Ikea -.-)

I went window shopping at Ikea last week, so...

10)Lip balm

11)Tongue studs, but that's also quite expensive. Eh, nevermind... Ear rings.

12)Accessories (Rings, necklaces, bracelets. The cheap ones :D)

13)Hair conditioner, LULz.

14)Anything with love! Handmade stuff are sweet and memorable.

15)Jay Chou, thank you.

PLEASE don't buy me chocolate or make-up. I have issues with chocolate, can't resist them. I gobble them up and start hating myself later for it. I literally curse myself, "Dammit Zoe, you're fat already!" Yeah, I don't want my hamster to die from chocolates either.

Oh yeah, if you're like in a rush and didn't buy a present but would feel bad if you came empty handed and happen to past by a pet store (LOL?), you can get me hamster food. It's like 6 bucks :D And I really do love cosmetics because I totally depend on it. Imagine me with fugly eye bags and dull skin, not nice. You'd probably ask me to sleep earlier but if I don't change this habit. Make up is the only thing I can turn to.

I have ample supply of eyeshadows and foundation but I need blushers and a good set of brushes (which costs a total bomb). I'll slowly save for that but good news, I received the parcel from Tabby on Friday. AND GUESS WHUT SHE GOT ME...

3 O.P.I nail polishes
M.A.C Paint Pot (A light eyeshadow or base)
Shimmer liquid eyeliner
M.A.C Intriguing Scarlet : 3 Cool Pink Lips (A 3-palette of 2 lip color and gloss)
Black bejeweled cross necklace (it's so pretty, I swear)
Cute nail flower stickers
Nails beads (for nail art)
White nail tip stickers (french manicure)
A kit of nail art decoration (20 different types of glitter, pearls, stones and spangles!)
M.A.C Dazzleglass lip gloss
Gel eyeliner
Black ribbon pouch bag
50 mini color palette

14 loose mineral eyeshadow
M.A.C Zoom Lash

DOESN'T THAT TOTALLY MAKE YOU GO LIKE... WOW?! Omg O.P.I, omg M.A.C! The best name in their industry of nails and cosmetics. Never in my life did I think I would get to own them. Yes I'm very very blessed. I gave Tabby a call screaming a million thank yous. I love it love it love it!! I didn't think she'd get me any new stuff 'cus she said so nonchalantly, "Oh I'll just pass you some stuff. I have way too much make-up." I mean, it sounds like things she didn't want already and would rather give it away than dump it somewhere.

Thanks again, Tabitha! I can't bear to use the O.P.I or lip gloss. I'm still blown awayyyyy. Even though Chinese new year sucked for me, I am still so gladly fortunate.


Simon Seow said...

I planned to get you a Snoopy tote bag. But since it's not on your list, I'll get something from the list instead then.

Sue Me said...

Wah! What's with the candle-y stuffs? You want to burn down your house? LOL..

Act Now! said...

i'll tell u what i want, what i really really want:
1-15. Paradise
16. [i'm going to sound really really desperate] Everything in Paradise - love, peace, beauty, etc.
17. Or at least, The Venus Project.^^

Missyve said...

Simon- I don't know mind that :D But bags are usually like 30-ish so I don't want ppl spending a lot for me, lol.

HAHAHA SUE! But really, it's so so sooo nice, aroma therapeutic like. Relaxing~

Act Now- ;]

Guy Fawkes said...

How bout a Gary bag to go along with Spongebob? :P

Missyve said...

HAHAH, i get it. The snail.

Jamie said...

YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I want more M.A.C's! T____T. okay I got you something way before this post because I thought your birthday is last saturday and no wonder Tockie was saying that I am early, I thought I was quite late hahaha. it is something not on your list but then well, SURPRISE! =P.

clue : it has something to do with the word-- harrods. sounds ex but it's not no worries =P.

ps : I will come late because of.. accounts tuition. hate accounts ugh. will reach by 4 =D=D. don't cook or do something overly fun without me. ok tata! =D.

Guy Fawkes said...

Yeah! The snail that goes miao!

Missyve said...

Jamie - I KN-OWWW! You're luckier, so rich that u have a DSLR, M.A.Cs (already?!) and unlimited eye contacts. LAWL, SO EARLYY.. hmm, harrods. I shall Google it up. So sucky to have tuitions on wkends, but come A.S.A.P babe!

Guy - LOL. I don't like Gary. I want Elmo or Snoopy.

chris.thoo said...

do you want a belly piercing ring for your hammy?

Jamie said...

no!M.A.Cs are from my sis(she left so it is all MINEEE!), she worked part time so she's quite rich(at that time), and because she is so spendthrift (like buying M.A.Cs) she became poor again. =P. DSLR is something I craved for 3 years and my friend sell contacts so I got it quite cheap! okay main point is to send your address to me, because taman midah is to big for me to go door by door to check xD msn me =P