Friday, February 27, 2009

Cat Got Your Tongue #4

Oops, I'm late! Sorry :S I attended Cat Got Your Tongue (organized by Joyce) for the first time which was the fourth party and it was reeally fun. Happened on the 7th of February right after my birthday cum CNY party.

The requirements to get in was to bring a soft toy and marking your attendance on Facebook. Did both and brought more stuffed animals in case any of my friends didn't have one, you wouldn't wanna be rejected admittance.

Mine was a brown bear that I got from Elaine's Christmas Party (haven't blogged about it yet), Simon's was an Alliance grey bear and Stanley... has really nice 3/4 white pants.

We got there at around 11P.M, the party warmed up really slowly. Chatted on KSCB from Ren's iPhone 'cus there wasn't much to do. Andrew was just snapping shots everywhere with his DSLR (so cool :( ).

That's very nice, Randy.

I sat on a sofa next to the one I previously sat on (because someone took my seat) and Ben offered me a bottle of beer. Okay, I don't know if I should be writing this out but anyways i accepted it and he took a piece of a lime which was a quarter of one and pushed it into the Corona bottle which gave a 'blop ' sound.

(Look who's the bad influence now)

That was kinda fascinating to hear but I was actually thinking about whether the lime was clean... heh, cheers anyways. I kinda like it, it's really light! I just find it too bubbly, but that's beer for you.

Hi Ren, Jamie and Stephy. It's really comfortable sitting on the arm of the Dell sofa :D I was sitting beside Stanley initially till I went to the toilet.

The other soft toys that I mention was a red mouse with pink polka dots all over it with orange ears and legs, a green crocodile with red polka dots with orange legs as well. They were both very ugly but cute soft toys, the best out of the 3 was this pink hippo.

Joyce was holding onto Ren's animated cat, adorable but it doesn't beat my hippo. I bought them from Ikea, 2 bucks only!

Was surprised to see Rudy there, he's that dude with JJ on..., I think. Not sure 'cus I don't listen to Malaysian radio, I think they all suck. But he changed to the afternoon shift 'cus he couldn't wake up and stuff, if I'm not wrong.

Your contact name in my cellphone has been Simon Siao to this day.

Yeah so, the music was awesome. All old, new groovy tunes that everyone danced to. Jamie said it was her first time being in this 'kind of place' so she was rather shy, ehe. Even though I've been to these 'kind of places' a couple of times, I still suck at fitting in.

So what I tend to do is observe what girls do, how they dress and dance. I think it's only fun to dance when you're high (not intoxicated), for me, you can't really let yourself go completely to the music if you're conscious of your surrounding. Unless you're a hardcore clubber and partying is your lifestyle.

Jamie dear, Tockie and I went to the washroom. It's really weird how we lock it from the inside, there like a dozen hooks on the door and you have to secure it by hooking it onto the metal rings beside the door. Came out and saw a queer somewhat artistic 4D picture.

*ding* I've got an idea! / Jamie is Medusaaa, don't look into her eyes now.

The party was really kicking after midnight, everyone was drinking booze, dancing, groping boobs (LOL), camwhoring except for one person... shhh.
I'll tell you next time.

I don't wanna be waking him up now, do I?

It was getting late, it was very crowded (and smokey). A few of them got tired of dancing and molesting people so we were all just sitting or standing around. Andrew bought Long Island Ice Tea (right?!) and it was sooooo sweeeeeeeet. It's making me thirsty now just talking about it. I ate 3 of the cherries from the jug he bought. It was like 70 bucks =l I think I'll just drink Shandy with maraschino cherries.

Yep, I'm still too young for you!

I love this shirt. Thanks KY and Mellissa!

Left Palette Palette and went to a nearby coffee shop. Overheard a conversation about cults and when I asked what it was about, Christopher said a blog linked to him was in a cult because the background was a picture of 4 voodoo dolls. i check the URL and I replied, "That's my brother's blog."

The End.

9 comments: said...

Oh yes, the hippo is really cute, cause i have one! nope, i mean i have all the collections like Lion, Crocodile, Elephant and Hippo! :P 2 bucks is way damn cheap :)

Mellissa said...

Hahaha yay, it's the shirt! :)

cindy khor said... met nice...i wish i could be there...he's like the funniest guy on radio....

RawrMyPillows said...

Light beer? /fail
Grow up and drink normal ones! Lawl jk.

Gawd you're social life is going somewhere. Mines just uh... Well the crickets are self-explenatory. Lol@theshirt, flippin epic win xD

Missyve said...

I want the lion and elephant too!! Yeah, that is how I convinced my mom to buy it for me, hehe.

Mellissa - And it is awesome! <3

cindy khor- *silent* Well, at first I didn't like him 'cus I thought his jokes were kinda lame but I guess after meeting him he's a cool guy. Maybe it's not my type of humor :)

Rawr - A bit tasteless, all bubbles and maltish. Haha, my social life is a-okay, i just go for parties like once a month or less. :( Love the shirt, was a b'day present!

Ren said...

hehe, bad influnce i am
wait! only a bottle of beer isn't that bad!
it's for your health to keep the blood running slightly faster :P

Missyve said...

Ren - I read an online health news article and they said that only applies to ppl 30 yrs old to middle aged. EHEH. No excuses!

Missyve said...

Ren - I read an online health news article and they said that only applies to ppl 30 yrs old to middle aged. EHEH. No excuses!

Ren said...

ok imma bad daddy then :(
but still little of beer isnt that bad compare to smoke and gamble :P