Friday, February 20, 2009

Brands at Pavilion

Simon asked me out last night to take pictures for him today to (sorta) promote Brands for their contest. Picked me up at 3P.M and it was a really boring ride 'cus it was really jammed at some places. All I could do was camwhore.

I didn't take self-shots in a long time. 'Cus I don't really wanna flood all my entries with vain pictures of myself. I got bored of being a camwhore too! It's just so tiring to QC every photo and delete 9/10 you take.


Bought this bag from Danga Bay when I went on a road trip to J.B with Wen Pink and Munaks. Used it for the first time and it's kinda cool. Looks more like a make-up box.

I've never seen sun glasses quite like Simon's before.

When you don't wear seat belts you either get into an accident and die or bribe the policeman.

15 minutes into the road. Bored, bored, bored.

So I entertain myself again and again and again.

Parked at KL Wisma (right?) and Simon folded the Brand's...ambassador stand. Went around taking pictures at crowded areas. Top ten winners get a thousand bucks each. Walked to The Pavilion afterwards and saw a BlackBerry mascot, WICKED! Simon didn't know the slang meaning of wicked.

I recommend the website I first knew of this site when Kate was complaining about someone calling her a butterhead, LOL.

No fair, Nicholas was given this phone by 'Boss Stewie and Ming'.

Aha, get it?

Happy first anniversary to The Pavilion, pretty cake you have.

There wasn't much people there so we sat in Coffee Bean awaiting for the peak hour of human traffic. We brought the Brand's plastic stand...thing...yeah, so we brought it in too.

It was nearly 5P.M and the people came later than expected, so we met Christopher Tock first. He took quite some time to get out of his office so I spent most of the time observing the ambassadors.

THEN I REALIZED JACK LIM HAD AN EAR PIERCING... on his RIGHT side. "He's gayyyy, he's so gaaay," I said aloud, He also looks gay which is cool.

*I do not have anything against gays. I love gays and have a few gay friends whom are totally awesome.

The last time I said that word, Christopher told me to "euphemise" it with PLU. I don't think the word should be offensive anyways. It's not a bad thing. Gays are not sissies. Ouh-kay, awkward. Em, yeah so Simon said he was married and had a kid which was rather shocking.

Went to the LRT station, Christopher surprised me from the back. Agh. Simon bought a ticket for both of us to take pictures INSIDE the station and Christopher bought one to follow us, HAHA.

My bad, it was the monorail. KL Monorail!

I quickly shooed them out of the monorail 'cus Christopher and Simon were harboring thoughts of taking a ride on the train. HELL no, "Let's go!"

Christopher had to attend a birthday party first so we had dinner at TGIF. Uh no, Simon had dinner there. My dinner was 6 J.Co donuts, yum! ;P Food took quite some time to arrive (especially when they forgot to serve his clam chowder).

I drank a lot of water today (4 CUPS!). I usually drink only 50ml at home 'cus I don't find the water clean there. Simon was teaching me the functions of his camera so we these are just test shots with different color modes.

Sizzling cheesy chicken. Not for me.

After an hour and half, Christopher came back and we all went home. Christopher got the FHM Girl's Next Door invite by his friend last minute, lucky you! So he dropped me back before driving all the way to K.L again. So sorry *hugs*


David Chew said...

hello just got your blog through innit and have a look and i do like your blog, btw what is the difference of your 2 blog.

§pinzer said...


haha did i get you this time? your facial expression was timeless i tell you! too bad nobody else but me will remember it for life ;)

oh and the picture i so got it... you were CAMWHORING even with the blackberry phone! hahhaha nice one zoe!

any prizes? :P

Copykate said...

LOL funny expressions!

oh gosh, u still remember butterhead! i totally forgot what it meant until i read this! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Copykate said...

funny expressions! LOL.

wtfreak u still remember butterhead! that was like a long long time ago! XD

oh gosh, now i remember what butterhead means! HAHAHAHAHAHA

jadezheng said...

ewww! who is Jason Lim?! Zoey u become face ambassador better. lol~

Missyve said...

David- Oh, the other one isn't done yet. It's gonna be my public blog? I'm still deciding what to do with this blog once I start blogging in the other one. Thanks!

Spinzer - HOW COULD YOU HAVE HIDDEN FROM ME?! I still don't get it! Hahaha, yeah, that's right. Hmm, prizes...

Copykate - Hahah, I know, was so sien CAN?! It was my first Nuffnang event, how could I forget? Hahaha

Jadezheng - He's one of the DJs for MY fm, a chinese radio station. LOL @ 'ewww!'! No wan, I'll get wrinkles early :[

Andrew said...

hahaa.... simon and his Brands... LOL =D everywhere!! lets hope he wins!!

theguynextdoor said...

weeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeee :D