Thursday, February 19, 2009

Asia Conference 2008 : Day 2

I think I've pasted this link like 4 times already but it's the last time for AC. I went back to Malaysia after the opening of Asia Conference on the first day and missed the whole second day of it 'cus of this. It was a big, international, Christian event hosted by Pastor Kong Hee's church (City Harvest) and had 5 guest speakers (one was the pastor's wife who just HAD to preach during lunch time).

A.R Bernard, Pastor Ulf Ekman, Michael Phelps Pastor Phil Pringle, his wife - Christine Pringle and lastly and most controversially, Pastor Benny Hinn. (That really famous dude who conducts healing crusades all over the world attracting tens of thousands of people who have illnesses, disease, physical disability, etc.)

So finally after the funeral was OFFICIALLY OVER, LIKE FINALLY. I'm sorry, I love my grandmother but you had no idea what hell I was going through. Knowing everything done was in vain and most of all, polluting the air. I went to a spectacle shop in J.B, we always go there 'cus it's my mom's old friend and so she sorta gets business and we get discounts in exchange.

I know I look really nerdy with my glasses. I was having a hard time choosing which one I wanted 'cus I didn't exactly have a design in my head. I've had my current glasses since I was 13. That kinda sucks that I am still using the old one now 'CUS I LOST MY NEW 1-MONTH-OLD SPECTACLES. It was none other than the Ruumz event that I lost my entire bag and all the contents of it except for my phone (praise the Lord for that).

Yeah so, ended up buying a pink. thin, metallic frames and I started using some special lenses since my eyesight's like shit. My left is like... 700? While my right is 200+. So if I were to buy the normal lenses, it'd be REALLY thick and that would just be weird. It cost about RM$280 but aunty gave us a 20 ringgit discount. Aww, sweet.

This is more of a wordy post. The trip back to Singapore was an interesting one. A very long and detailed one 'cus I think it's worth the remembrance. Mom dropped us off at the Malaysian Customs and she left us to our own resources by going to K.L immediately since we had our own bus back. It was around evening and we all know that it was jammed up as usual.

Tze met a friend of his in J.B and ditched me so I was gonna be all alone. Nice, asshole. I had to travel alone miles to someone place I hardly know. Took 950, reached the Singapore Checkpoint, long queues (as usual). I think Singapore's immigration system is a bitch for closing up to 10 lanes during peak hours.

They're probably trying to discourage Malaysians to go there so often but well, we love you Singapore. I guess the traffic jams and a sea of different Malaysians coming in for a variety of reasons such as education, occupation, traveling and visitation won't stop.

Who doesn't...right?

Kay, back to story. Waited in line for 950 after stamping my passport (waited for like 20 minutes or more), I needed to go to the toilet urgently. I saw this Indian guy and I was thinking," You're gonna be an idiot Zoe if he runs off with your bag. You're gonna regret this :S" He was standing in front of me and I remembered having 2 piercings on his left ear. One on the lobe, one on the helix. Alright, doesn't look too bad. "Excuse me, can you look after my bag for a while while I go to the washroom? Haa." He nodded and I thanked him.

Made a fastass trip to the toilet. In 2 minutes I rushed out (half the time washing and drying my hands), to my surprised the bus had already arrived and that Indian guy was standing at the exact same spot he was waiting while allowing the people behind him go by. WHOA? WHOA. WHOA!

I mean, he had so, just so much integrity to stay behind for me. If I were him I would of walked till the start of the queue and hold the bag while waiting for whoever-that-idiot-who-is-making-me-lose-a-bus-seat. Really, I was very grateful and very shocked by this man's kindness. some aunties would of ditched it there 'cus they're so selfish and absorbed about sitting in the bus (a lot of people have to stand).

"Ohgawd, I'msosorry THANK YOU!"
Said that really fast and he noted by gesturing with a gentle wave of his fingers saying it's fine. He never spoke a word to me at all, he was either mute or trying to act cool. But like who cares right, I took a chance at trusting a stranger and something good happened out of it.

Went to Cause Way Point and called Serene Hong (who is Sharon's sister). They're reaaallly good friends of mine. I knew Sharon since I was primary 5 at Fuchun Primary and she's been really nice to me. Her sister is really encouraging, always asking me to study, advising me and ever so caring. I really do thank God for them.

We had a chat at McCafe (Woodlands Regional Library), I had some cappuccino and we chatted for about an hour and a half. Just talk about life and stuff. Was real nice seeing you guys again after so long! It was getting late, a quarter past nine. Serene asked me where I was going and I told her, she offered me a ride there but I declined 'cus Singapore gas ain't cheap you KNOW!

Sweet thought though. I love Singapore's public transport system, way better than Malaysia's. I've studied here for 4 short years and I think I know enough to go about on my own. We hugged goodbye and I took the MRT to Queenstown. Just as I walked down the stairs (there's only escalators for going up 'cus Lee Kwan Yew or some important person wanted Singaporeans to exercise more) with my sorta heavy valise I saw bus 58 stopping.

HOLY. I stood for 3 seconds thinking whether I should go or wait for another one. I RAN FOR IT. There were two causes for not catching the bus in time. 1) My stupid bag retarded my running in both sense. 2) I just HAD to think for 3 bloody seconds. Just had to argh. Okie, laugh all ya want. The two guys there were amused when I was hysterically waving my hands at the bus to stop when it drove away.

_l_ SMRT or SBS Transit.

Before meeting The Hong Sisters, I met Sje Ting. That sweetheart, SG bestie of mine bought me an Elmo ring! :O How thoughtful! She bought this when the Elmo keychain she mailed me didn't deliver. Effers!

Now there's another lengthy story. I didn't know where to stop to get to Eton Hall. The only time I found out was when I passed that stop which was near Ikea and I saw Ikea like 3 minutes ago and driving for 3 minutes is quite a distance. I ended up at Pasir Panjang. I did not know how to get back, I wasn't sure of what I should of done, and then I had an idea.

Having not exercised for months, wearing shoes and loads of spare time. It didn't take me long that I should WALK all the way back there. I called Faith for a little help but all she could say was go to Hortpark and I was thinking, "WTF is HORPART?!?" I borrowed a lady's handphone to call her, so thank you Stranger!

I walked and walked and walked. I was all sticky and sweaty, eeks. But that's a good thing. Sweat, great. Burn in hell FATS! I walked a couple hundreds of meters and I saw some uncles to direct me to Ikea, they just told me to walk on straight which I have been for like last 5 minutes which seemed like eternity.

Talking to myself was an awesome motivation. Talking to God was marvelous (even though I didn't get a reply). Trees are great companions too.

Upon seeing a hugeass sign of Hort Park or Hortpark. Either one, walked in and I saw a gate. More importantly, I saw a guard house. To my dismay, THERE WAS NO ONE. It was only half past ten and the lights were on. "HELLLOOO?!?!?!?!?!?" Got no answer. Shiet, walked on the road and saw this white woman walking by. So I approached her for help. "Sorry, do you know where Elton Hall is?" That time I kept saying Eton as Elton 'cus a certain Malaysian mispronounced it.

She didn't know. ._.

She asked me to follow her to hitch a cab. Ironically, all the taxis were roaming past us on the opposite street and all the taxis on our side was occupied. After 5 minutes when we decided to just cross the street we saw a vacant taxi. An old uncle asked where to we wanted to go. He didn't know where 'Elton' Hall was nor Bury Road.

The nice lady asked for the Singapore map and she helpfully looked it up for me. The taxi driver was a very inconsiderate and impatient man. He rudely expressed frustration BUT YOU'RE THE TAXI DRIVER, YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW TO GET TO A PLACE WHEN GIVEN AN ADDRESS. Again _l_ to you sir.

Well hallelujah, with the Caucasian woman directing him with the map, we reached Eton Hall and I payed her back but she refused. She passed me her name card and she has the coolest surname ever. Her name was Kylee Stawbridge. I always wanted a fruity last name! Like Zoe Straw Berry or or Zoe Love Cherries. Eh, that actually sucks. I'll think of better fruits if I ever decide to change my name legally.

Thank you Kylee Strawbridge, so so much.

I walked up to my dorm and the door was lock. There was no one in the hostel 'cus church service was still being conducted even though it was 11:20P.M already. Expected laaa, those famous pastors always drag the preaching for absurd reasons such as "to test the members if we would stay on for God's word". What happened to professional punctuality?

*Takes a look at AC form* It was by Phil Pringle. He's really good at preaching long 'cus he jumps from one point to another and to explain this point he tells us a half-hour long story and makes another point then talks about Biblical incidents and the moral of it, etc. etc. I mean, I totally love it. I love his revelations, his God-inspired teachings but we all have a schedule to follow. We also have a early morning to wake up to the next day so maybe if you would just... oh nevermind. Not like he's gonna read it.

I had no key. No one I could see was around to help either. Crap. I stood outside my door thinking what I would do. *stares at door, shoe rack, shoes, window* Then it hits me. WINDOWS! I prayed to God it wasn't lock and I managed to open it up, WOOHOO!

Now it looks like I'm breaking into my own room which I sorta was. I pushed aside the shoe rack and climbed in. Changed and stuff. I thought they'd be back any minute now. So I thought of surprising them. Closed the window and turned off the lights and excitedly waited behind the door. "Anytime now... Anytime." I was imagining their shocked faces when I would jump up and scare their asses off *laughs*

Laughing to yourself BY yourself is much more retarded than you think. 2 minutes past and the dark was getting to me already. YES, I'M AFRAID OF THE DARK. I gave up after a while and took a walk around to find someone that could comfort me of being alone. I don't mind being alone actually. It depends on the surroundings. Passed by the empty lobby, eerie canteen and I saw a signboard showing "Office -->"

I sorta invaded the meeting room but there was ANOTHER room so I knocked. "Yes? Come in." it sounded like a low female voice. I got the jitters, what if, what if hor... there was nobody? I brushed that aside and came in telling her my situation that there was nobody around and I was alone and stuff.

We chatted a while and she told me she's been working in this hostel for a few years and her whole family stays here (wt*?). Neat. I was just really glad I found another human being to be with. That place is spooky I'm telling yuh. I heard chattering outside and I made my way out with a small bottle of Fruit Tree Apple Juice she offered me from her refrigerator.

That was how my day on November the 20th went.

It was really one hectic, crazy night. 3 kind strangers helped me AND I got to walk a kilometer. Phew. This sure is one longass post.


andrew lee said...

hola zoe,

sorry to hear that you lost your item at ruumz event =)

ruumz team

Myhorng said...

i don't

cindy khor said...

its hard to come by a complete stranger who honestly and willingly help us... (espeically if the person is from another race)... but i think its harder to come by an eventful and adventurous day... thankfully you made it back..

RawrMyPillows said...

Try 30EUROs a week in an awesome town like Dublin, won't last you long.

Hey, you know, looks can be deceiving, last person you'd think to be trustworthy is some hooded figure at night with only 2-3 teeth left and a smile that makes you wanna stick a wrench in his mouth. Just me? Perhaps, but yuu naw be judgin teh bewk bai teh covurz.

Off to semi-troll other blogs xD

Simon Seow said...

Wah why such a big different your eyes, 700 and 200++ @_@

Missyve said...

andrew - It's fine :)

Horry - Why not? :( I love Singapore! Although it is a boring place after a while.

Cindy - Yeah, I was very blessed to be helped by 3 strangers in one day! Shows that humanity still has HOPEE!

Danial - Omg, icanhascheezburger language that is. I'd rather trust strangers than friends sometimes.

Simon - Bad writing habits when I was 9 years old. Aih.