Friday, February 06, 2009

Asia Conference 2008 : Day 1

Whoa. Where do I start? It's been 3 months since Asia Conference. That big ol' hyped up event by City Harvest Singapore. I wasn't exactly excited, I was hoping to experience the presence of God. I expected to receive the anointing, oh, not forgetting, getting slain by the Holy Spirit.

A pity. None of that happened. As a matter of fact, the thing I enjoyed most was the companionship at the hostel and the free FOOD. I was half awake through out all the morning services and I only got to attend 2 electives. SUCKS DOESN'T IT?!

I'll babble on another post about my dislikes of my church next time. Now it's back to the story. After attending my grandmother's funeral for the 3rd day, we left at 9P.M right after the 3-bloody-hour prayer.

The journey was so so sucky. I had a luggage of a suitcase and a valise. It was darn heavy, you might wonder why I would bring them both to Singapore when I had to return the next day for the burial. Well, I think it would make more sense if I left everything at the hostel and only carry the traveling with what little things I needed for a day. The traffic wasn't that bad, 'cus of the time and the Singapore Checkpoint sucked as usual.

We were too late for the buses, thank God we got the last train to Tampines Mall. Had to take a cab from there to the hostel which was God-knows-where. The old uncle took quite some time driving pass here and there, Alexandra Hospital, blablabla. Alas, we arrived Eton Hall. It's a bloody remote place, deep deep into the woods. Far from civilization, eh no, rich ass people were staying in bungalows around the area.

NOT CHEAP LEY, in Singapore staying in a condominium means you're freaking rich already. Yeh, kay, talking too much. Surprisingly, there was a guy in the lobby even at 11P.M, thank God. He kindly came over to help take my baggage from the taxi's trunk and we registered ourselves.

Skip the whole part where I waited for them to come back, I got my own key so et cetera, got in, pretty neat place I say. First thing I did was filter out my stuff. My perfume lotion, night cream, body lotion and deodorant were all in the first compartment. Those were the things I hardly use but bring just in case. The others were toothbrush, sunglasses, Ipod Shuffle, hair clip. My precious make-up box on the top right-hand corner.

Bunk beds! Haven't slept in one since... *thinks* 2005. Yeah, 4 years. Wait, now it's 2009... so 3 years I guess. Kinda neat doncha think? After sorting out my stuff I was thinking about what to do. It was past midnight, I wasn't tired.

I took a tour around Eton Hall alone. It was rather creepy, especially it being at at night and having heard of many ghost stories in Singapore (Russel Lee). Someone said this was a hostel for nurses during the Japanese invasion and the entire area is reserved by the government.

This obsolete badminton court. Thank God nothing appeared in the background.

The side of one section of the building, this shot was random. I had to do something other than walking around waiting to see ghastly appearances.

Behind the ground floor washroom was an alley. I wanted to walk through it but it was HAUNTED!! Fine, I was a pussy paranoid.

The washroom, right from the lobby. There's one on each side. While on the upper floors, there's a central loo. No, I don't see any shadows, do you? Oh shut up, Zoe.

I hurriedly walked to the the entrance after getting the shivers and was so relieved when I saw that same guy still there, sitting behind the counter. I sat on the couch thinking about what to do or say. I grabbed a few magazines from a nearby glass stand. After a few minutes of flipping through the magazine boringly, we started to talk. Later this dude named Hunter dropped by to use the laptop.

We introduced each other and he asked if I wanted to eat anything. I asked what he had, he replied he had bread that he just bought from 7-Eleven. "Is it nice?!" I questioned him perkily and he adorably nodded his head in such zest.

His favorite raisin bread and strawberry jam, peanut butter and margarine sandwiches

I tried it, bluek. Nothing special! I expected so much more from his enthusiastic response but I guess... that's just him. Kenny came along too, I wonder why he bothered when he could of slept in his dorm!?

Guys who gay around are real men! / Maybe not.

All of chatted till about 6? Now I knew the reason why they stayed up, it was to assist the last batch of our hostel tenants in. They arrived so late 'cus of some shitty problems at the midway bus junction. Anywho, I had to get up in 2 hours and I was sure I wouldn't oversleep 'cus it was such an important event.

Lo and behold, I DIDN'T sleep at all. Not wanting to take any chances, I showered, applied foundation and wrapped my hair in a towel and took a half an hour nap on my bed listening to my Shuffle. Yeah, pretty crazy but I was glad I wasn't late.

"Woke up" and completed my make up. Changed real quickly and threw some stuff in my canvas valise and off we go. Down the road of Bury Road.

Hi, I'm Zoe Yve Foo. CHC Affiliated with a red tag. Nice to meet you.

Faith, my cell group leader, church worship leader and unfortunately wickedly, my buddy! Everyone was paired with a buddy to take care of, and mine was very good a pinching. Super-duper-uber hard :(

We waited 10 minutes for the shuttle bus at Alexandra Road. Looking at the line it made me go "Whoa." That's gonna be a long wait for us.

'Cus we were the last few. This was the end of the queue.

Till a few latecomers arrived. LATE LA YOU ALL, tsk tsk tsk.

20 minutes from Alexandra Road to Singapore Expo. Camwhored along the way.
Name tag, specified person with name tag, person.

Say hi to Faith everyone. "Hiii."

My cell group mates, aight.

It was extremely crowded at Hall 8. Where lunch would be held, I didn't know foreigners all the way from Japan, Taiwan, Russia(I saw this Russian guy), China and 20 other countries would be coming here too. SO IT WAS INTERNATIONAL...

Looked so classy, but of course, Pastor Kong and Jill Lowe was always talking about Christians being classy and fashionable just like the world. I thought the food was
gonna be fine dining. / Looks like a buffet but...

As you can see the amount of people here would only allow us one serving or at and a half. / Holla girls, you guys made it to Asia Conference!

Oh, figures. ASIA Conference, so it was open to the entire Asian Christian community. Fine, I'm slow. My cell girls just gabbing about everything. We were waiting for Pastor's announcement.

Whoaaa, look at that horizon. The sun rising above Earth signifying the dawn of a new generation.

Food was noodles, veggies, potatoes (topped with sour cream). / Pink guava for drinks and a water bottle for each of us.

How it looks like when it's empty. They actually hired part-time waiters/waitresses for this. / The food was enjoyable, it didn't suck or anything.

Elective time! Mine was 'Social Etiquette and Personal Grooming' (code: PD1). It was exactly the same what Jill Lowe and Celest Foo taught us during Emerge last time. Oh well, at least I got a shot with Miss Charismatic 2007 - Celest. I loved her outfit, grr... wish I could afford to dress like her.

We (Tze and I) only got to attend the first elective workshop from 2:15-3:15 P.M, we had to rush back to J.B for the second last day of the funeral prayers at 7P.M. I tried to reason with Tze that we could make it in time 'cus the second workshop was from 3:30-4:30P.M. But the distance and jam would delay us. Darn.

Will continue on the second day.

Drafted on 3rd February, 2009. Event happened on 19th November, 2008.


k-niz said...

ok, my sleeping photo is ugly.

cwee said...

hmmm wat an event....anyway, Zoe, you were spotted at my blog..check it out...

Andrew said...

blessed birthday to you Zoe (future PA)!!!! May your days be filled with joy and gladness!!! And God's blessings continue to shower upon you and your family!!! *hugss*

RawrMyPillows said...

o.O Thats one epic gathering.

Now THATS why Singapore/Malaysia creeps the fuck outta me. Superstition and blissful(O rly? Ya rly!) ignorance is rampant, and GHOSTS! Like geez, there's pretty much none in Europe because no one thinks about it. As a firm non-believer in them, I still believe, made any sense there?
Anywho, I look at it this way, you can't hurt them, you can't see em, they do the exact opposite Q_Q

Simon Seow said...

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to you dear.

cwee said...

yeah happy belated birthday my dear....i was a bit shy by that time..remember, u were just standing beside me at the bar counter

RawrMyPillows said...

Gawd, I forgot, Happy uber 16th dude!

cindy khor said...

if my eyes has not deceive me, did i see a "lacoste" perfumed body lotion at the 1st compartment??? Sorry, just being keh poh...

and ummm...the place looks kinda scary... yeah...luckily there's no whitish shadow or whatever at the background...

Gary Lim said...

stumbled ur blog :)
anyway, take care of ma dvd yo! :P

blessed blated bday!

flizzardo said...

that hostel looks scary

§pinzer said...

Guys who gay around are real men! <-- TRUE :D :D :D

Missyve said...

k-niz - But it's so small, no worries! Haha

cwee- Saw it, hah.

Andrew- *HUGHUGHUGS* Thank you, Andrew! I only wanna be a PA 'cus it pays good, LAWL. God bless ya too :)

Danial - We can see them (sometimes). You know, spiritual encounters. Scary shiets. Oh thanks man, happy 16 to you too :)

Simon - Thank you! Happy advanced 30th to you :D

Cwee- I didn't even know how you looked like so I was unaware I was beside you. :) Thanks for the wishes.

Cindy Khor - It's Victoria Secret, babe. Haha, it's fine. Yeah, it's very scary when you're alone but pretty cool party place with people.

Gary - Thank you for the Kinder Bueno! Sweet birthday gift, ahah. Muah.

flizzardo - yuppp. At night. In the day time it looks more haunted.

Spinzer - But guys who are gay aren't really men :/ I don't get what I'm saying but it works both ways, LULZ. Depends on what kind... or something.

*no offence no offence no offence*