Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Underworld 3 : Rise of the Lycans Premiere Screening

Jenkin picked me up at 7:45 P.M and he drove us to The Curve. Met a few of his friends at Mcdonalds and had a Fillet-O-Fish meal. Not bad, 13 people in a single picture taken by a DSLR, not bad at all. ;P

All of us gathered to watch the premiere screening of... UNDERWORLD 3: RISE OF THE LYCANS!

Courtesy of Buena Vista Columbia Tristar Malaysia and Sony Pictures.

It is a prequel set prior to Underworld and Underworld: Evolution. (See Wiki) I only managed to catch the first movie and it didn't exactly appeal to me so I didn't bother watching the second.

Not starring the usual Kate Beckinsale but Rhona Mitra (Sonja)! The daughter of Viktor (that evil-looking dude in the first move poster) who is ruler over the vampires. I dislike her armor, faking the whole six-pact abs. She's portrayed as a manly or rather, a strong woman of valor.

When actually, SHE'S A TOTAL HOTTIE!

Isn't she a beauty? *gushes* (No, I'm not a lesbian.)

Storyline is pwetty good, not the typical age-old war stories. Because of this movie, I will watch the previous two. Started to make sense, I was a bit frustrated when I didn't understand anything the first time watching Underworld. What got me to giggle when this man - Kevin Grevioux (acting as Raze) spoke.

I was thinking, "Damn, that's one helluva voice." Watch it and you'll know why. I was very intimidated by his bulkiness. He must of taken steroids or some shit.

I don't usually like violent(300), vampire (Twilight), bloody movies. But I loved this! I'd give it aaaa... eight and half? Out of ten I mean. The movie will be released TOMORROW or the day after (hee). Definitely a must-watch for me.

Movie ended at 11:30 P.M I think, Spongebob's best buddy was there - Patrick.

You'll never ever get my bag, Simon! Neverrrr. (Maybe for a million bucks *hint*)

I am lost for words. Well, thank you Simon for inviting me as your guest. But I felt bad for ffk-ing you to sit beside Suling. So I like, sat with Jenkin in the end =/ Sorry!

Murni ran out of food when we reached there, so Indo Mee was our next supper rendezvous. Bummers, I missed Murni! Haven't eaten it for MONTHS. Someone please ask me out there one day. I had Ribena Lychee, they're so-the stingy wt*. They gave only what, 4 lychees? At Williams they give almost a dozen!

SOMEONE was stalking me while I sat all alone to myself. None other than Simon. :)

Left the place shortly after 1A.M., thank you Yatz for sending me back home. And driving pass the old, haunted hospital area for me. Freaky!


Clarisse Teagen said...

lol. you and simon seem to be everywhere having parties :)
Looks like someone's having a lot of fun!

Missyve said...

Haha, at the expense of my studies! Oh well, not like I'm very much bothered by that. Hee, you sure are too!

Huai Bin said...

I liked the huge, bulky guy. :)

His voice is very basso too, love that.

P/S - I am straight.

Danielctw said...

that bulky guy was what got me interested more into the movie. Reason : I didn't watch the first 2.. arghhh...

Anyway nice meeting you there

KY said...

so where did u end up sitting? :P

Missyve said...

Huai Bin - Ah, a bit toooo low/deep for me. Freaks me out. Your voice is cuter.

Daniel - Serious shit?! That's odd, LOL. Nice meeting you too!

Ky- HAHA, I sat with uh, Yatz and Suling didn't sit beside me so Kelvin was on my right.

anne marie isabelle said...
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anne marie isabelle said...

hey zoe...
glad to have met u @ the screening ^^

maRCus said...

OH it was you who took photo with Robb!! haha. nice to have met you! :-)

Missyve said...

anne - Glad to know you too! :) Hope you enjoyed the movie yeah.

marcus - hahaha, yeah, love him! You tooo :)