Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Skynet Sucks!

Argh. It's 5 now. Not in the afternoon. Since I'm restless and cranky I'm gonna whine about Skynet. My friend from J.B sent me a parcel, a box of make-up! Not brand new ones but since she's an addict as well, she had tons of them and decided to give me some. So, Tabby (my friend) told me it would arrive last Friday and it was though Skynet.

I had two thoughts simultaneously. "OH YAY MAKE-UP!" and "Hey wait, Skynet sounds awfully familiar."

Hold a minute, isn't Skynet from... Terminator or something? It's that evil, destructive, artificial intelligence robotic-human-like killaz. Right? Funny that I had this thought for several days till it was cleared when I read a blog and saw a link to it. It was about SKYNET! Oh okay, now I know that I didn't make this Terminator thing up and that the founder of Skynet wasn't as creative to think of the company's name itself.


Nevermind that. They called me on Friday and I was OVERJOYED. Confirmed the address with me and said they would call again when they arrived. I was out at my aunty's house and I waited and waited...and waited. Fine, Tabby called again and said they would deliver it on Wednesday (yesterday) . I could hardly contain myself, I was so excited about the present.

Just imagining the gel eyeliner, mineral eyeshadow, eyeshadow palattes...agagagah. Beautiful pigmented powder. GUESS WHAT, IT DIDN'T ARRIVE AT ALL. I called at 8 P.M, stupid I kinow but I had a family dinner so I only thought of calling afterwards. NO ONE PICKED UP, I redialled for at least 5 times. This made me pissed. Their service obviously SUCKS.

But it's better than POS Malaysia. My friend from Singapore sent an Elmo keychain to me and it never came. It simply vanished. How could they steal my beloved Elmo?!?! Sje Ting was sweet to buy me the Elmo ring. Yeah, the one you saw in the previous post. She was one of the first few to know that I love Elmo. Sounds childish but it's better than idolizing Emily The Strange or the Nightmare Before Christmas skeleton.

What the hell am I supposed to do now? After drum class and closet shopping later on, I will head over to their post office, get my darn parcel and COMPLAIN. I'll demand for a complain form and scribble all over it and break the pencil in such rage THEN I'll get so mad the pencil broke I'll grab a red pen from their table and continue vandalizing and cursing on the piece of paper.

I think that gives a clear message that I am very DISSATISFIED and I will never ever use/recommend their services. I'm just a little girl infuriated that Santa clumsily misplaced my present elsewhere and didn't bother dropping a letter down my chimney to inform me at all! Sick my duck. I've been longing to rip open the little box of cosmetics and improvise on myself whenever I go out.

Now I must wait yet again. And I hope they didn't manage it badly, the container might of broke inside and the contents spilled would make it a total mess. We shall see later on. Huhuhu, thank you Tabby and Sje Ting! Love you both, muacks.


kyliemc said...

hi zoe!! dont worry....if they misplaced your parcels or lose it, the staff who is in charge of delivering for goods will have to pay u back the compensation from his salary.... u can be sure that even if u dont get your parcel, u'll get the money to buy new make up items :P

Guy Fawkes said...

Repeat after me... Ohmmm~~~~
Too much stress will give you pimples and wrinkles...

Act Now! said...

I'm here not to scare u but share with u the facts that the New World Order agenda is to feed us lethal chemicals n toxins, dumb us down n depopulate us.

Believe me, without cosmetics, u ARE already beautiful. Simply google to find out how cosmetics damage us and our environment.

Missyve said...

kylie - *phews* That didn't happen for me from POS Malaysia, SUCKERS! But I got it really late, it was in good shape. Haha, thanks for the info.

Guy - i'm not stressed _l_

Act Now - I'm not beautiful when I sleep at 7 in the morning everyday and when I'm increasing in size by width. I'll read the link, thanks for caring abt the environment!

d4NiaL said...

Hola! Shit haven't cruised by since uh... Ever?

Anywho, mate its Malaysia, having lived there for a good portion of my life, its kinda expected that they're bound to fuck up at one point xD More cynical analysis >.>

kyliemc said...

u are welcome! u know... if it's POS m'sia, no replacement :P if it's skynet or others, u'll get replacements :D

Missyve said...

Danial - AH, long time no see ex-classmate! Gawd, wish they had good service like FedEx, it's so sucky to not receive an expected present.

kylie - Eee, POS MY sucks then, LOL.