Thursday, January 22, 2009

Simon and a visit to Nuffnang's office

Last Friday, Simon asked me out for lunch to help him out with the Rexona contest. He picked me up at 1P.M and off we went to Kin Kin for their famous chili pan mee.

I got so EXCITED when I saw the Rexona Men Survival Kit, the COOLEST thing ever. "Aww, shucks. Wish they had one for women. Sexists."

We waited a heck of a time for the noodles. They forgot his order! Ish. I didn't eat 'cus I had cereals in the morning, hee. Anyways, read the introductory paper and it impressed me.

Here's Simon's post about it. Waiting for the food to arrive made us break a sweat already. Crappy service! I tried to make conversation but my mind was blank. So here are the camhorrors.

His bowl of noodles was finally served after 20 minutes of waiting. Yay. If I wasn't eating with him, what was on earth was I doing? Taking pictures and of course...

admiring him along the way. Ahahaha... :l

I had the horror honor of seeing Simon apply deodorant too! Went back to the parking area and his car was still being cleaned so he had a smoke while I stood silently.

Next Stop: Heritage Center/Building/Whatever-it's-called-because-I-forgot House (Thank you, BF!)

'Twas the start of our magical journey.

Up, up, and awayyy.

This chamber do not allow numbers of 13 and 14. Oh gawd *facepalms* Superstition is so stewpig. 13, the unlucky number by Western belief is replaced with 12A. 14, an inauspicious number to the Chinese is masked with 12B.

Nevermind, we shall be on our way...

*beams* To The Nuffnang Office. :O

ALWAYS wanted to be a Nuffie! Please make me one. :l 'Tis the mysterious door that shall open unto us an abundance of opportunity.

No, not this one. To the left, to the left, people.

"Abracadabra." Nothing happened. "Open sesame!" *flick fingers*
Melissa popped out of nowhere :D But that was because Simon knocked on the door. Cheh, useless powers I have. :/

I peeked inside and tiptoed a little. I was SHY. Exchanged names with Melissa and Robb was the next person I saw. The walls were painted in orange so that gave a different feeling from the typical boring, white-walled office atmosphere.

Said hi to everyone there. Pinky, Timothy, Firdauz, and Nicholas Chay. I didn't know the other 3 new employees nuffies.

Haha! Timothy looked so dorky last time but his new hair cut is awesome.
I meant cute, not dorky, cute.

There were still Halloween props lying around.

Oh, I'm also very pleased to know that they do not turn on the lights during the day. As you can see, the windows aren't covered with curtains nor are they tinted to reduce glare from coming in. Nuffies should apply SPF everyday then! It is stupendous to block natural sunlight during the day and waste electricity to light up the building, um room.

Dear Pinky is leaving by the end of this month, bummers. *hugs* / Howdy. Poor Robb was discriminated for being gay. Aha, that's what he joked about when we first came in.

Thank you, Simon for bringing me here, my first trip to Nuffnang's office. / Having fun with Firdauz.


Boy, am I huggy. Hottie Melissa here. / Timothy with his new, super-duper-uber nice hair style.

Unexpectedly, Suling came! The last time I saw her was back in Ipoh. Kelvin brought her here to settle his internship stuff. We (Kelvin, Suling, Simon and I) went to eat at a famous pork rice shop? No, I didn't eat. For I am a semi-vegetarian.

The trip was delightful! Not to mention the party at Bangsar everyone attended later. Will blog about it next time. Patrick did it again! Hahaha.


§pinzer said...

everybody loves nuffnang's office, and now so do you! hahaha man soundd like an awesome day we working class ppl dun get to appreciate :(

Andrew said...

hahaha... best!! LOL =D i like the photo of you and boss tim's photo frame.. LOL =D nice.. haha

mighty to save nice!! learning to play it on electric and my sis acoustic!!

Simon Seow said...

Thanks Andrew, that's my favourite pics too. I took one mah. LOL.

It's roast duck rice lah, they do sell BBQ pork and roast pork too of course but they're famous for the duck.

Missyve said...

spinzer - oh welll. you get to go there a lot of times too!

Andrew - It gives a somewhat sentimental feeling. Aha, oh cool. I wanna learn how to play the guitar.

Simon - cheh! It's all the same one laa.