Friday, January 30, 2009

Sakae Sushi with Junkie, Sueme and Wetwetwater.

I thought it'd turn out to be a boring day. We were all behind time, partly 'cus of me. Xi Yen waited almost an hour for me at the LRT station, it was all my fault as always. I got out of my house really late and I missed the first train by barely 10 seconds and waiting for another one took up 10 minutes.

Wellllll.. since everyone know his identity already, I was meeting Junkie!

What a sweetie for waiting an hour and NOT getting pissed off. *phews* So now I owe him a cookie. Wen Pink couldn't come 'cus she was sick, I invited Suling and she brought Kelvin along. Xi Yen's sister - Khai Ling - was present too!

I didn't eat anything at all, Suling and Kelvin haven't eaten lunch and it was 4P.M already! Sakae Sushi was a good idea, we felt rich from CNY red packet collections (even though mine wasn't much).

The topic of our discussion was about prestigious universities (Xi Yen is from Cambridge :O), recession and the Cbox. Never knew that cleaners had to be on suicide watch whenever the exam period was nearing and I learned how the whole "recessy-thangy" worked from Xi Yen.

We were eating happily, Xi Yen and his sister wasn't hungry because they ate at home already. As for the rest of us, I was endlessly taking plates from the rotating belt transporting sushi everywhere! Sue and Kel ordered a lot from the computer then I saw this black plate with something special in it...jeng jeng jeng, yee sang!

We took a video of us mixing it, it was aaa... different experience. Hilarious ;D Will post it up once Suling sends it to me, all the pictures were taken by her camera by the way. It wasn't nice either, Sakae Sushi should only stick to making sushi. Their yee sang is an epic epic failure.

I think Xi Yen or Kelvin gladly pointed out the messiest eater at the table. I think we all know who it is, and that person obviously knows that she was never a clean eater. So obviously she tried to hide but the obvious evidence was trailing to that obvious person and she was too late to remove the proof. *Sighs*

It was an awesome dunch (dinner+lunch) but Xi Yen treated all of us. Suling and I made eye contact, holy hell, it's gonna be expensive 'cus we didn't give a damn about the price when we ordered. Thank you, Junkie! *hugs*

Xi Yen, Khai Ling, Zoe, Suling.

They had to leave soon for a family dinner. We walked around, visited the washroom, talked idly... checked out Apple's store. Funny that Khai Ling asked her brother for a MP3 player and he was shocked. "Why do you need a MP3 player?!" he asked. I sorta eavesdrop since I was right in front of them and said, "But you bought her a Wii already!"

I tried to make a trade with Khai Ling. "How about I give you my Ipod Shuffle for your Nintendo Wii?" LULZ, it's so fair right. We both get what we want in the end.

All good things have to come to an end, they left at 6 P.M. Hugged them goodbye :(

[Readers from my center should be puzzled at how I knew Khai Ling's brother. It's kinda funny, 'cus she's my schoolmate and I met him online and months later we realized that WE WERE 'RELATED' ALL ALONG. Coincidence? I don't think so :)]

Glad we got to meet you before you left for London. He was leaving tomorrow morning! We were very lucky 'cus he didn't have time to meet his old friends. Sorry we ruined the fun of people thinking you were a girl online, bummers.

(Written on 1st Feb)


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be punctual!

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i'm sorry, I'm not as rich as you to have 300k in my bank account and afford a chauffeur.