Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ruumz @ Mist Club

After visiting Nuffnang for the first time, Nicholas invited the both of us to the Ruumz event. It started at 7:30 but we came almost 2 hours early and ended up waiting in the car. I dozed off 'cus I only slept for 1 hour, which was the hour before Simon picked me up and I made him wait 15 minutes while changed and slapped some make-up on.

Nevermind, we went ahead before the Nuffies all came.
I was wearing slippers, omg. I wasn't planning on going anywhere after the trip!

My grey tank top that was given by Kate as a Christmas present was GLOWING, thanks to the club's fluorescent UV light.

I also took no time munching up on food NOT because I was hungry but I knew my metabolism would slow down if I continued not to eat. Unfortunately, I ate their meat ball out of desperation! And it's super-duper-uber yucky, way too salty but the brownies and sandwiches were awesome!

The drinks too. This was a shot...of rum and guava?
I wanted to write 'rum shot' but guys would probably misread it as *ahem* shot.

Rachel Haw was a sweetie, when my bag was stolen she was telling me what to do. Except she was drunk so she kinda forgot my age and told me to report to the police that my driver's license was stolen and not to say I lost it. LOL *hugs*

Melissa,Robb and Zoe.

"Someone" is in touch with his feminine side, ahaha. Christopher Tock arrived later!
I painted his thumb nail while Hannah painted his pinkie.

A man and a half, Robb and Yee Hou.
By the look on their faces we can tell the progression of how they're keeping up.

Huai Bin, no no no!

But I conceded in the end. *pouts*

Patrick, Melissa and I / Yee Hou was stronger than before.

I gave Robb a smooch *blushes* / Timothy had to go real soon!

This was how I lost my beloved, cute, brown Snoopy bag! I went to the washroom, left my bag with the rest of the other Ruumz goodie bags. The washroom was on the ground floor and when I came out, everyone left the second floor and was talking right there.

I was like, "Hold a second, what about the bags?! Oh ni-ah, they probably hid it somewhere safe." *Ignores and chill* Even though I had a feeling I might lose it, i was testing my luck and I knew my cellphone was with Yee Hou. That was like the most important item to me.

Katherine, Zoe, Patrick.

I feel short :( Well, I am.

The hotties: Katherine and Melissa. Love Katherine's dress and Melissa's hair, they'd be a perfect combination.

The club was getting empty by 11P.M and we went to the dance floor. Nicholas tried really hard to teach me how to dance but I epic phailed. Dancing is not for me, I'm afraid. Even though I joined Malay, Chinese AND Indian dance as a CCA in my primary school last time.

So I was just amateurishly dancing with Robb, I am very-the-shy okie!

Despite being in the background, I still focus on Patrick more than the both of us. / Patrick and I were having a great time ruining other people's shots.

Justin called all of a sudden. Hearing the loud 80's song blasting, "So I guess you're not at home." LOL / Rachel, Zoe being passionately pecked by Patrick.

It was very wet, ahem. But yeah, he was full of love. Went everywhere sharing hugs and kisses with 3 words, "I love you!1!1" That's the spirit. :D

More on the launch. Ruumz is a website where you upload selected pictures and you choose what size you want for it to be printed in. Gotta have blings that pay for printing and delivering it, I think you buy blings through your credit card. It's something like going to a Kodak shop and printing your pictures but this is all done for your at the comfort of your own home.

Lost my bag for good. I was depressed because my Shiseido lipstick was inside, my new glasses (which was like 300 bucks), fake La Sport pouch(2007 Christmas present), lip brush (bought it from Canada) and my house keys. My mom would nag my ass off for losing them. I curse that thief that he gets robbed and raped by an Ox this Chinese New Year.

Scroo yooo!


David Chew said...

hello Zoe happy chinese new year to you.

Missyve said...

David- HCNY to you too!

Huai Bin said...

Happy CNY Zoe! Genting or piercing first?

Missyve said...

Huai Bin - There was a Genting trip?
HCNY! :)

Simon Seow said...

Sorry Zoe Yve, I should have look after your bag instead of going around camwhoring.

Missyve said...

Simon- Nah, we all enjoyed ourself in the end. :]

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