Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Launch

Two nights ago, on Friday, it was time for the anticipated launch of Nokia's 5800 Xpressmusic cellphone! I was invited on Facebook and reminded by Tock when he asked whether I was going. I took the LRT and monorail all the way to The Pavilion.

I was in awe of the Chinese New Year decorations, wish they were real trees.

Saw Uncle Josh, Nigel, Stanley and Wilson walking by while loitering at the entrance. Chatted for a while and we went our seperate ways. Tock and I checked out the place and took some pictures.

I shall be prosperous this year, hallelujah.

Had another hour and we joined Uncle Josh, Stanley and Wilson at Old Town Coffee Shop for tea or dinner. At 7:30 P.M we left and made a quick visit to the washroom which took us forever to find. Skip skip skip, here we are!

I was totally whining about not having the special Media pass, at least I got the Insider tag! :D

Ky, Cindy, Robb and Suanie was there already. "How come you didn't wear stripes?" Ky asked. TOCK DIDN'T TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT THAT :O

No wonder Cindy Tey was wearing a sexy white-black striped ribbon top. :l

And Ky's red-black striped sleeves. Ish. I didn't get to join in the fun 'cus I didn't know the dress code.

The same two rappers from the Halloween party were rappin'. Few people were grooving, so...

all of us left to La Bodega, the rendezvous for Nokia insiders.
From Ragdoll

Free flow for Pink Guava, Pineapple and Orange Juice. Nicholas doesn't look too happy about it :/

I was extremely quiet. Couldn't interact with the others because of the seating. Didn't like the ambience either but the food was delicious.

The people who lightened up the mood was Suanie, Robb and the horrible person - Horry!

I was very attracted to Suanie's shirt because it was similar to the old American prison attire./ Robb is a Lala zai because he's a sotong./ No comments, LOL.

A new guest appeared out of Chris' bag - Shitzoe! It was my Christmas present to him :) Look on the expression on everyone's faces, they love him!

Want proof?

David adores the smell of it, Robb loves the taste of it, Cindy and Suanie treats it like a lolipop. We all love lolipops!

It's supposed to be some massager, not ice-cream! But Robb, Huai Bin and Horry doesn't care :D

I find all of this visually disturbing, I need a PG warning.

I'll do a second post when more photos arrive on Facebook. It was an enjoyable night after all, thanks to La Bordega and Nokia for everything. David let me test the 5800 and it isn't bad at all. It's a versatile phone which has Wifi - Maxis mobile warp thingy and it's mostly touch-screen. (I'm not good at describing things, if you've been reading my blog for the past year you should know.) Uh, and sorry for lousily putting the pics together. Wanted to save space and was in a rush 'cus my mom was picking me up.

Will update next time, till then... tata.


§pinzer said...

Too many shittie stuff here!! haha man i <3 shitzoe :D

Missyve said...

I'm proud of you, you're treating Shitzoe very well.

Huai Bin said...

I love Shitzoe too! You gotta bring him to every event from now on Chris. :)

Zoe, I'm uploading the photos to FB now. :)

Missyve said...

He does! Hahah.

ah, greaty. Been dying for it.

BLue said...

Cannot spam your cbox now I spam in here HEHEHE, nice events you all went to

cwee said...

harrow..i was at the launching too...but i din see you...too bad

Missyve said...

BLue - LOL! Thanks for spamming here then, haha. Yeah, the company was great. :)

cwee- Seriously?! Argh, shucks. Would of liked to see you.

Myhorng said...

should talk to us earlier mar ZZZooEE

cwee said...

too bad la zoe...i was there until the strike force from singapore performance ends....

Missyve said...

Horry - but I didn't feel fitted, like i was out of the group.. so I was silent. :)

cwee - I didn't even watch the performance x_x i thought it was rather boring.