Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mother, brother, sister and... a vampire?!

I woke up at 4P.M today. Actually 9 in the morning but I went back to sleep, surprised that my biological clock was normal again. My eyes were still heavy at 1P.M so I slept yet again. That was when the nightmare started. Once I got up, I wrote it all on Notepad since my brother was using the internet.

Ignore the wrong grammar, spelling, sentence structure and everything. I just got up so my head wasn't right. I didn't proofread it either.
Here it is:

" I had the weirdest dream everr!!

It started out by my mom, brother and I had a late meeting(supper, outing or something)and then I got kinda tired sinceit was so late. I think it wasaround 1A.M, with our friends or CG members.We stepped into our car, I was in the front seat lying my head on the window and I saw that wewere parking in front of alitted house. I whined, "EMMMMMMMM-UHHHHHHHHH!! I'M TIRED, I WANNA GO HOME!!"

Hey, in my dreams we were gonna fellowship AGAIN in some person's house, wtfoo. After we got out of the car I walked away pettily. It was all dark and spooky, I slipped into the dark shadows from a HDB flat, it was spooky that they didn't turn the lights on at all. I hesitated, a bit afraid but determined to show my mom how much I did not want to fellowship and go home.

2 minutes passed as I walked aimlessy and I've forgotten my fears. Suddenly, my brother was behind me in his usual black outfit (gothic-ish top and dark blue jeans with a 3-harness chain and his worned out black shoes.) "Oh, hey Howe." I said, thinking he was really sweet to have come for me but knowing that it probably was my mother who nagged him non-stop.

Seeing the persistency (or stubbornness) in me, he accompanied me to walk around the dark path. I stepped up the stairs in some HDB flat (in Woodlands) and saw a dirty door opened. I went in, "It's dangerous, you don't know what be in there!" Tze warned. It was the filthiest flat I've ever seen, murky water was on the floor with some unknown object placed in a metal shelf and a worn sofa to the right of the door I entered. That was the living room and the lights were on. It was a 2-bedroom apartment, the left door

was closed while the second was half-open. I took a step forward and saw bloody legs or dead corpse (?) I started laughing at the hideous way they were sleeping without me knowing they were actually dead. My brother checked the place out a little and we quickly climbed up the stairs when we heard foot steps coming. This was getting rather freaky but quite an exciting adventure.

We bumped into a middle aged woman who was carrying a blue pail and she got frightened by us while I got a shock from her. The time was nearly 5A.M. I almost grabbed her hands to defend myself, thinking she would/could of harm us. The woman pulled back her hands and carelessly stumbled backwards and I started laughing my ass off.

WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS HAPPENING, this was all too funny. Over the balcony I saw Fuchun Primary School, I was in Singapore now. Strange. I was too happy, relieved that I saw some schoolkids loitering at the backgate for school to open. It was only 6 plus. But I was excited to visit my old primary school again :)

Tze and I continued going up the stairs in a rather slow pace. (I forgot about my mother and the others already.) Till I looked back, a Chinese, female zombie dressed in those Chinese silk dresses with black shoes was behind me. Tze was in front of me and I quivered, " There's a zombie behind me, quickly go. she's catching up on us!" What a great brother he was, he zoomed up while I lagged behind because of the steepness of the staircase.

Damn, that zombie was damn UGLAY! She was young though, early twenties, slim figure, pale fugly face. Her hair was kempt, her fringe was neatly clipped circles and the back was in a bun. I think it thanks to all the Wong Fei Hong shows and playing House of The Undead 4.

That bitch soon caught up on me and if I ran any further she'd bite my ass. I stopped and looked back, scared as hell but knew it was the only way to protect myself from getting killed (or infected). "Howe, I can't." I told him, in a noble way of saying he should run and let me handle this.

As she charged towards me I grabbed her shoulders and slammed her against the handrail or banister. (We were still climbing up the neverending flight of the zombie-infested staircase, mind you.) She tried to push me back and her face was distorted showing a fierce struggle. My arms were weak, I lifted my right left and kicked her neck and push her upper body away from me. She tried biting my toes, it was then i realized I was wearing slippers! =.=

Wow, slow Tze finally came to my rescue and held her back. She was so strong, zombies are whack yo! I was so afraid my leg wouldn't hold and she'd jump on us.


I'M AWAKE. Huuuuuhhhhh, my heart was pounding when I became conscious. "Hallelujah, it was only a DREAM! Gawd, what in the world?!" I thought.


Kinda dumb I know, oh well. I once had a dream I was sailormoon. Ahem, I was 7. This looks like a bad omen to the new year for me. REAL BAD YO. Anyways, gonna head out for dinner, JAPANESE FOOOD!

Sek fan, gong hei fatt choi!


§pinzer said...


sorry cannot resist, the comment caption greets me everytime i click on your comment button.

anyway! didn't know ur dream was a nightmare! was it such a bad day the day before to have triggered it?!? :( :( ::(

Simon Seow said...

You remembered every details of your nightmare? Thumbs up.