Friday, January 09, 2009

A month from now...

WUUUU, it's January da tenth! =D

Not that it's a significant day for me but it will be in ONE MONTH'S TIME. Yesyes, it's gonna be my birthdayyyy. Been giving huge hints to everyone but nobody's digging it. Who cares, everyday is someone's birthday. But mine is different, it's like my 16th. Like what a lot of PERVERTS said, "You're turning legal!" Wt*.

So so so. I just wanted to ask for everyone's opinion on what party I should hold. No karaoke, no clubbing, no BBQS. 'Cus singing isn't really entertaining, not much communication in clubs and I have no idea how to make barbeques fun. So please, please gimme some suggestions.

Never really had a birthday party before, just know that I got drunk last year. Puked twice, not a pretty sight. My Bombay Sapphire is still lying somewhere at my friend's place. It's cool :/ Since it's sorta like my first birthday party and I'm gonna be SWEET sixteen, I'd want it to be a really awesome, awesome party. Even better than Ky's Christmas one! :x

Yeah... so, i'm gonna sleep over this. 3 A.M now, I'm attending Youth'09 later, see you all who are going.

(And no, Yee Hoe darling, no sex party!)


Clarisse Teagen said...

Zoe dear....

A barbeque is always fun with water games.
I had a bbq in my house for my 13th birthday, class party, friend's 15th birthday.. We had dinner first and Water Balloon War laters. . It was hell awesome. . And then we hung around the bbq pit for hot food and warmed up there. It was a lot of fun.

and it was the best group picture ever cause everyone was wet. hahaha. it looked so amazing. cause it's just your front lawn. haha.

Sue Me said...

why not a small party with people bringing food in? like pot luck? or maybe steamboat? whatever you want, we do it for u ok? *hugs*

I am gonna be there for sure if no shit happens :)

Huai Bin said...

You're turning legal. ;)


Perverts Inc.

Missyve said...

Clarisse - sounds coool. Problem is, whatever i plan never succeeds so I don't know whut to buy, pick the location, the timing and everything. I have to celebrate it a few days earlier becus it's a Tuesday on Feb 10. Thanks! I'll try to make it work.

Sue Me - *hugs sueme sis*<3 Really appreciate it :/ I was thinking, on the wkends, make it a big party, like 25 pepol or smth and on the day itself, with my family. I need a planner T.T

Huai Bin - HAHA, I'm sure staying away from you for a while..