Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Malaysia Dreamgirl Audition @ Impiana Hotel

*ding ding ding* Here's the full wrap up of my day at the auditions. I didn't watch the first season because my internet speed sucked (it still does)and I didn't find it appealing compared to ANTM/Project Runway. I don't know even know who's who in the show. Only Cindy, I voted for her 3 times because she picked me to be her poser and Ringo, because everyone was talking about her. I remember Adeline and Hanis too from the Wild Live Party.

Enough of them. It's time for the second season! Read about the auditions on Nuffnang's blog and asked my BFF - Hannah to give it a try. so I stayed over the night before and Chris and I overslept. Hannah's such a freak, she woke up at bloody 7:30! Supposedly, we were to leave by 9...ended up reaching K.L at 12:30P.M. You can pretty much figure what happened in between. Hee.

"So where is it?" Christopher asked. "KLCC." I replied, "some hotel and spa." We parked and looked everywhere for it to no avail. Called Nicholas Chay and he said it was IMPIANA HOTEL(!?). Tock and Hannah stared at me.

"What... It was on Nuffnang's blog, I swear!"

Date : 10 Jan 09
Time : 10am - 5pm
Venue : Impiana KLCC Hotel & Spa "

SEE, I wasn't lying.

Had to walk from KLCC to Impiana hotel wearing heels and a skirt, sucks. Hannah was smart to wear slippers. Arrival at destination: 1:15P.M.

Nervous like hell, saw so many girls there way above our league. Stoned for a while and I started pushing Hannah to the registry. RM10 for the register fee, I wanted to give it a shot till I read the bloody Terms and Conditions. "Participants must not be younger than 17 nor older than 28 years of age." Crap. Nevermind, I can lie. *Put year of birth as 91* "All personal particulars given by the participant must be honest and true."

*throws paper away*

No la, just gave it back to the person sitting there. Ish, I was bitching about why MDG had an age limit. Gooood luck, Hannah! But no, it was lunch time. We had to wait another hour while the judges and official blog contributors enjoyed a lunch buffet. Bloody hell.

We were so dead bored and the room was so quiet. A fart would sound like an explosion.

I was craving for chocolates and thought of getting something for Hannah to eat.

Ordered a Subway Tuna Sandwich meal which Christopher paid without me knowing (aww, shucks. Thanks man!) I ordered three extra cookies, chocolate chip, coconut and raisin for Hannah and I to share.

Came back at 2:25P.M, 5 minutes before they came back. BFF only wanted the chocolate chip so I ate all 3 cookies because we had two more from the meal (I ate one of those too). Oh yeah, that nice person gave us an extra cookie. OMGILY!

Hannah only ate half a cookie so I kept the rest in my bag for her. Yes I lub choo yuu hooo gooo. *muack muack muacks* O.O Okay, I did not just do that. So Dennis came in a short while later, announcing 10 names. Hannah was the 2nd batch of the afternoon.

*Off she goes* Isn't she beaming with radiance and confidence/1/1/1

Sien. She sat on the waiting chair before the door unto the judgmental judges :O I was bored la. Saw Kenny taking pictures in the waiting room and when he saw me he said, "What are you doing here? You're too young to even compete!" Ish, DON'T RUB IT IN MY FACE. I'm already sad enough that I couldn't even try.

No, you don't have super duper uber cool tongue like mine, Kenny.

Simon, one out of ten of the official MDG blog contributors was there, hihi.

It was gonna be Hannah's turn soon! I got a drink and sat right next to her. I asked with concern, "Are you okay? Want a cookie?" Apparently not, she was chatting with her neighbor till I rudely budged in. We talked for a while and she asked if I was a blogger etc. Then the lady said she was STARVING. It's not good to be nervous and hungry, you shiver like shits! Happened to me before.

"I've got a cookie! Want it?" *searches for Subway's half eaten cookie* I passed it to her and then... Hannah went in.




I waited anxiously, what the hell was keeping her in for so long? She stepped out... nope. She got turned away with, "I don't think you're suitable for this competition." IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN GIVE?! They say that to everyone, geez. Well, everyone they reject that is. Nevermind sayang, I still lub chooo yooohuuuu. *pats on shoulder*

*Agagaga* DENNIS, the one I was blogging about in my sneak peak post. Extremely friendly and talkative, aha-ha-ha-ha. =/

A lot of people/bloggers came. Joshua Ong ah, Anis ah, Aaron Ho ah and of course, Andrew Lee. Also saw Joyce ah. Was so sexcited when I saw Anis, I haven't seen her since her farewell dinner. *hughughughughughughugs*

Went out to see Nicholas Chay, Christine, Nicole and two of her friends. Nicole and her friends left after a while. We had an extremely expensive dinner, which Hannah and I still owe Chris for.

A stupid place recommended by Ky!!

For more details on the show, visit I will go next yearrrr!


David Cheong said...

wait why *burp*? HOR eat breakfast without me hmph

Simon Seow said...

The hotel's name is KLCC Impiana Hotel & Spa ler. Who's Andrew Lee?

Simon Seow said...

Nicole's blog is not .com.

§pinzer said...

i shy my name mentioned everywhere hehe.. well Zoe, think nothing of it and just do what you do best, that's all i ask for ;)

i believe in the futureeee! world peace! lawl.

Robb said...

i guess dennis is acceptable

Missyve said...

David - it was only cereals :(

Simon - I dinch know! LOL, oh thanks. I don't read her blog so I just know her url name is nicolekiss. Will edit later.

Chris - World Peace me arse! Especially at this time of war, boo. Thanks buddy!

Robb - Much cuter in real life ;P

missycheerio said...

Good luck with the auditions. :)

HM® said...

i'm sure you would have gone far in the competition if you were allowed to participate. better luck next time.

Missyve said...

missycheerio - hey, thanks! =)

HM- that's nice, hope you weren't just saying it! WIll try next year. :S

Andrew said...

harrow!! LOL =D lycans!!!! roar!! MDG... try again next year!