Monday, January 05, 2009

I'm gonna die with Huai Bin

We went out on Saturday, Huai Bin was supposed to attend my church service and then go for dinner. Unfortunately, he lost his digicam in Sunway Lagoon when riding the Lost City rollercoaster, LAWLS.

So so so, he spent quite some time looking for it and filed a report. He arrived at 7:33 P.M, 5 minutes before service officially ended. Great.

Had dinner for awhile and went home. Met up again the next day to go shopping for his DSLR. He bought it in like 5 minutes, did his research before that so Huai Bin knew what he wanted. Congratulations, 5th camera! Oh please don't lose it, adding another one to the list.

What an honor to be in the first photograph by his Sony alpha 350. This was the second. It was embarrassing okay, carried me in front of everyone, just trying to hide my face. Eheh.

Why did he carry me?! Copy Yee hoe lor!

We watched IP Man, not bad. All Kung Fu-ish, 8/10 for me. Had Nandos for dinner and then he sent me to my friend's place. Thanks a lot, Huai Bin! The movie, dinner and everything. Next time, it's my treat. :D

P/S back!- Get a GPS, you reeeeally, reeally need it. Google maps doesn't help much. LOL, and thanks for saving me from death. Ish. :)


§pinzer said...

and i was supposed to try your church from since ages ago... lots of things happened since eh? :P

Huai Bin said...

I am going to get a GPS, once my credit card gets over the shock of the dSLR. :)

It is my pleasure, knight in shining armor, I am. I'm really not into all that pillaging and raping thing. ;)

KY said...

you can treat me oso!!!!

Myhorng said...

i wan the treat also. IP man, superman, spiderman, wateverman also can.

§pinzer said...

Myhorng, fatt choi man can? XD

Simon Seow said...

If he lose a DSLR, it can only mean one thing. Huai Bin is a bloody careless person. Well, if there's enough booze, he might even lose himself lol.

Huai Bin said...

Zoe, it's Ip Man. Not IP Man. ;)

Some of the people in my office calls it IP man as well as in Intellectual Property Man. Heh!

Missyve said...

Spinzer- wanna go this sat? (:

HB - I'm still kinda unsure abt that.. haha.

KY - After CNY can? :D

Myhorng - you're horrible, so you're excluded. LOL.

*pushes Fattman to Horry*

Simon- Hahah, losing it 4 compacts is careless alreadyyy. I believe he has lost himself many times.

HB - oh, thanks, will edit. HAHAH.

Myhorng said...

ZZZooEE, no thank you. Let u keep FattChoiman for CNY.

AND i still want my treat.