Friday, January 09, 2009

I guess not.

I thought I heard my mom talking to an old lady and what immediately crossed my mind was, "It's Popo, she came to visit! :D" Just when I was gonna stand up, I remembered. That woman sorta sounded like her, and my grandma usually visits us whenever we move into a new place.

i wonder when I'm gonna get used to the fact she's dead.

Oh bother. Life is such a strange gift.


Myhorng said...

even dead she still can visit 1

Missyve said...


Not in my religion, she won't.

Huai Bin said...

Haha! I love horngs's comment and your reply. Very funny.

Anyway, guess it takes some time, depending on how close you were to here.

Wen said...

*hugs* i understand how u're feeling. stay strong k! :) afterall, its the new year!! Happy New Year!!

Missyve said...

*coughs* I'm not emo, I repeat, I'm not emo. :D

Huai Bin - You just forget sometimes, 'cus i'm so far away from where she lives and you don't have to face it everyday.

Wen - *hugies* I'm fine! It's just a bit shocking still. Happy New Year, muah*